Our Mission

Our Mission

As the leading language exclusive publisher, we're incomparable.

Our mission is to create premier language programs that are comprehensive with seamless integration of text, technology, and media. This way, learning comes to life in ways that are meaningful for all. By focusing on our one and only passion, we’re able to anticipate and meet your wants and needs. Our specialization can be seen in our programs’ design, content, print and media delivery systems, and our aptitude to provide powerful learning outcomes. Language teaching is all we do, and we do it to the highest level of quality.

Awesome product. I will continue working with languages on my own.

Carrie Collins
Student, Thomas Nelson Community College, VA

Your Supersite for Vista Higher Learning is simply amazing. I'm finding that through the website I am learning Spanish well and with less intimidation. Thank you for all your hard work. Again, the site is amazing!

Eric Prior
Student, Kirkwood Community College, IA