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Our Modern Language Consultants are here to help dedicated educators like you who seek our specialized programs. They work with you to ensure the transition to our programs in the classroom is seamless—and that you have support along the way if any new questions arise.

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Team profiles

  • Norah Jones

    Norah Jones

    National Language Consultant

    A little known cultural insight I learned in my travels was when I took my first trip to my dad’s Dalmatian fishing village when I was a kid. I realized that the eyes with which I saw the world and the words that I used to talk about it were not more>>

  • Rachel Connell

    Rachel Connell

    Modern Language Consultant - School Group

    Why I’m passionate about modern language: I believe that we can create a better world through intercultural communication.

    I first fell in love with modern languages when I traveled to Costa Rica as an exchange student in 1996. I more>>