The Vista Experience

The Vista Difference

Not Just Different, Better

We’re a different kind of publisher.

  • We care about customer feedback and are careful, conscientious, and cognizant when it comes to making the changes best suited to meet their wants and needs.
  • Learning never ends, especially when you’re passionate about what you do. We learn a lot from our customers by making it a point to engage and interact with them.
  • We’re selective about everything. We pride ourselves on focusing exclusively on modern language educators and students. We welcome customer comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism; it helps us improve our programs on a continuous basis as we hear about changing needs.

Being the best means providing the best

  • We’re certain to give our customers high quality, authentic, integrated materials.
  • We have advanced functionality; we push new things when developed so you don’t have to wait.

What comes from our collaboration with customers? We develop programs that offer:

  • Convenient, meaningful access and interaction with students
  • A highly engaging variety of contemporary, relatable materials in our discipline
  • Cutting-edge technology and accompanying media resources
  • Captivating textbook designs with both teachers and students in mind

For our VHL team this isn’t just a job — it’s a lifelong passion. So when you open any text or download an activity, know that it didn’t come from a faceless factory, it came from people who put their all into every lesson, vocabulary list, and film selection.

We hope that you will align with Vista Higher Learning and discover, to your delight, that we are intentional in every way possible. There’s purpose and meaning behind everything we do. No detail is too small. Take a look at our programs, you’ll see our collaborative approach is one of many intricacies that sets our materials apart. We work tirelessly so language learning and language lovers are celebrated and supported.

I do not have enough words to thank you for all the support you have given to us. Vista Higher Learning’s outstanding programs really help the students with the four skills required to learn a foreign language.

Eugenia Velazquez
Teacher, Cathedral Catholic
High School, CA

The amount of technology offered by the Vista Higher Learning textbook program was the deciding factor in selecting it for my courses. I wanted to ensure that students would be able to explore culture through video and audio, use tutorials, and have access to numerous written activities in order to help them develop their reading, writing, and listening skills.

Jessica Todd
Instructor, East Georgia College, GA