Spanish Programs

  1. Vistas, 4th Edition

    Vistas, 4th Edition

    This introductory, 18-lesson text hooks beginner students by giving them everything they need to succeed at learning Spanish. With thorough coverage of reading, speaking, and listening skills, and an inside look into Spanish culture, you’ll have all you need to tailor instruction for your course needs. See why Vistas has become the most successful introductory program in more than a decade.
    • hardcover | 8½ x 10 ½ | online vText available
    • 18 lessons | 2-4 semesters | 730 pages
  2. NEW! Adelante, 2nd Edition

    Adelante, 2nd Edition

    ¡Adelante! makes learning Spanish as easy as Uno, Dos, Tres. The convenient multi-volume, combination worktext format provides students with thorough skill coverage needed for introductory Spanish. Full-color lesson pages are followed by workbook, lab, and video manual activities for each lesson.
    • spiralbound | 9½ x 11 inches | combined textbook-workbook
    • 6 lessons each | 2-3 semesters
  3. NEW! Imagina, 3rd Edition

    Imagina, 3rd Edition

    With its fresh, magazine-like design, Imagina keeps intermediate-level students involved and focused on real communication in meaningful contexts. In each lesson thought-provoking content is connected to thematic, cultural, and grammatical concepts. Students prepare to interact with people from various Spanish-speaking countries through practical grammar and vocabulary presentations, and authentic cultural readings, TV clips, and short films. Imagina’s 10 lessons are ideal for a 2-semester sequence.
    • paperback | 8 ½ x 10½ inches | online vText available
    • 10 lessons | 2 semesters | 496 pages
  4. NEW! Sueña, 3rd Edition

    Sueña, 3rd Edition

    Students become involved with rich and thought-provoking content— short-subject dramatic films, cultural readings, and literary selections—with this one-semester intermediate-level text. Each of its 6 lessons ties together authentic content with culture, literature, and grammar to strengthen language skills and boost cultural understanding.
    • paperback | 8 ½ x 10½ inches | online vText available
    • 6 lessons| 1 semester | 345 pages
  5. NEW! ¡Viva!, 3rd Edition

    ¡Viva!, 3rd Edition

    Looking for comprehensive coverage in one academic year without compromising content and quality? ¡Viva! is an introductory text ideal for courses with limited contact hours or for 2-semester programs. Its fresh approach and extra online activities appeal to students, while instructors appreciate the manageable amount of in-class exercises.
    • paperback | 7½ x 9 | online vText available
    • 16 lessons each | 1-2 semesters | 424 pages
  6. Aventuras, 4th Edition

    Aventuras, 4th Edition

    Aventuras, 4th Edition helps introductory students develop solid communication skills while offering concise presentations for grammar and vocabulary and an emphasis on culture. 16 student-friendly lessons and a fully integrated Supersite make learning Spanish more rewarding for remarkable language success.
    • hardcover | 9 ½ x 10 ½ inches | online vText available
    • 16 lessons | 2-3 semesters | 544 pages
  7. Enlaces


    This 4th semester intermediate text strengthens students' language skills and cultural competency via 6 captivating lessons. With Enlaces you’ll find an intermediate-level grammar sequence with little introductory review, plus contextualized vocabulary presentations, short films, and cultural and literary connections that keep students continually engaged.
    • paperback | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches | online vText available
    • 6 lessons | 1 semester | 370 pages
  8. Revista, 4th Edition

    Revista, 4th Edition

    Get students talking with Revista, an innovative program for advanced conversation. Six lessons, presented in a magazine-like format, include themes, readings, and films specifically chosen to generate controversy and capture students’ interest. After all, people express themselves most genuinely when they feel strong emotions!
    • paperback | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches
    • 6 lessons | 1 semester | 240 pages
  9. Letras de Hispanoamérica

    Letras de Hispanoamérica

    Letras de Hispanoamérica is the Latin American literature survey designed for advanced-level Spanish students. This anthology focuses on authors from pre-Hispanic to contemporary times and includes an array of supporting information such as essays, timelines, special works (i.e. interviews, critical notes), biographies, and a unique two-color design.
    • hardcover | 7 3/8 x 9 1/8
    • 7 chapters | 824 pages
  10. Panorama, 4th Edition

    Panorama, 4th Edition

    With this 15-lesson introductory text students get a thorough view of the Spanish-speaking world—plus, additional options to further expand skill building. Its fresh, student-friendly approach, effective integration of video, and powerful online tools lead students to effective personalized communication.
    • hardcover | 8 ½ x 10 ½ | 2-volume paperback available | online vText available
    • 15 lessons | 2-3 semesters | 579 pages
  11. Intrigas


    Captivate your students with universally distinguished, relevant film and literature from the Spanish-speaking world. The 6 lessons of Intrigas will foster engaging, thought-provoking discussions and analytical writings from your advanced level students!
    • paperback | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches
    • 6 lessons | 1 semester | 350 pages
  12. Enfoques, 3rd Edition

    Enfoques, 3rd Edition

    Invite intermediate-level students to strengthen their language skills and boost their cultural competency through an active and rewarding learning experience. In 12 theme-based lessons Enfoques combines entertaining sitcom episodes, authentic film from Spanish-speaking countries, and literary and cultural readings with effective skill-building strategies. Enfoques is ideal for a two-semester sequence that meets for 3-5 hours per week.
    • paperback | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches | online vText available
    • 12 lessons | 2 semesters | 656 pages
  13. Facetas, 3rd Edition

    Facetas, 3rd Edition

    Students stay engaged with sitcom episodes and authentic short films from Spanish-speaking countries in each lesson of Facetas. Appropriate for one-semester intermediate or fourth semester an introductory course, this brief intermediate Spanish program is designed to provide an active and rewarding learning experience to strengthen language skills and boost cultural competency.
    • paperback | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches
    • 6 lessons | 1 semester | 368 pages
  14. Protagonistas


    Get students speaking Spanish—from day one! This introductory Spanish program employs a functional-notional approach, emphasizing meaningful, task-based communication in an appealing format that’s sure to engage and motivate students.
    • eurobind | 9 x 11 7/8 inches | online vText available
    • 18 units | 2-3 semesters | 624 pages
  15. Taller de escritores

    Taller de escritores

    Advanced readings in an array of composition formats, grammar, and vocabulary help upper-level students to refine usage and push the creative envelope. Plus useful workshops support students throughout the writing process.
    • paperback | 8 x 10 ½ inches
    • 6 lessons | 1 semester | 250 pages