Vistas, 4th Edition

Introducción a la lengua española

Vistas, 4th Edition

Introducción a la lengua española

José A. Blanco, Philip Redwine Donley

© 2012 hardcover | 8½ x 10 ½ | online vText available
18 lessons | 2-4 semesters | 730 pages


Introducción a la lengua española

José A. Blanco, Philip Redwine Donley

© 2012 hardcover | 8½ x 10 ½ | online vText available
18 lessons | 2-4 semesters | 730 pages


In 18-thematic lessons, beginner students get a comprehensive program to build strong language skills. Vistas sets them up for success so that they enjoy learning—not to mention, gain confidence and the cultural understanding to take them to the next level. With interactive grammar and vocabulary practice, engaging media, and communicative tasks, you’ll see what’s made Vistas the most successful intro text in the last ten years. Features include:

  • Four levels of video integrated in every lesson—from dramatic series to documentaries to authentic TV clips and short films
  • Vocabulary presented in meaningful contexts with helpful summaries
  • Integration of an episodic video series that models text concepts
  • Authentic videos, audio, maps and readings from Spanish-speaking nations
  • Introduction, reinforcement and practice of all grammar tenses
  • Focused communicative practice
  • Reading, writing, and listening skill building sections with helpful strategies
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New features

What’s new in Vistas, 4th Edition?

  • New activity pack filled with both communicative and directed exercises plus games to reinforce learning
  • A brand new Fotonovela series featuring young characters from a variety of Spanish countries
  • Three new literary readings: El celular by Tute, Mafalda by Quino, and Esquina peligrosa by Marco Denevi
  • New and expanded two-volume testing program with 166 quizzes and 2 tests per lesson
  • Updated En pantalla section with 11 new video clips and 3 short films from current, Spanish-speaking filmmakers
  • An updated Supersite, featuring an enhanced diagnostic engine with follow-up activities and voiceboards for oral communication
  • An expanded Flash cultura video section with in-text support
  • vText—an interactive, online version of the textbook—perfect for hybrid courses
  • Live Chat to connect with students in real time, without leaving your browser:
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What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.


  1. Lección 1: Hola, ¿qué tal?
  2. Lección 2: En la universidad
  3. Lección 3: La familia
  4. Lección 4: Los pasatiempos
  5. Lección 5: Las vacaciones
  6. Lección 6: ¡De compras!
  7. Lección 7: La rutina diaria
  8. Lección 8: La comida
  9. Lección 9: Las fiestas
  10. Lección 10: En el consultorio
  11. Lección 11: La tecnología
  12. Lección 12: La vivienda
  13. Lección 13: La naturaleza
  14. Lección 14: En la ciudad
  15. Lección 15: El bienestar
  16. Lección 16: El mundo del trabajo
  17. Lección 17: Un festival de arte
  18. Lección 18: Las actualidades

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Student Edition with Supersite Plus
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Cuaderno para hispanohablantes
ISBN: 978-1-60007-109-6 Paperback
Workbook, Video Manual, Lab Manual Answer Key
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Fotonovela DVD
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For Instructors

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Activity Pack
ISBN: 978-1-60576-950-9
Additional communicative (info gap, classroom surveys, interviews) and directed (word searches, multiplechoice, fill-in-the-blank) activities designed to provide students with language practice to quickly and effectively supplement instruction
Sample lesson
Every Vistas lesson is enhanced by a range of activities, audio, media—from a dramatic series to authentic commercials, news stories and short films—and resources that reinforce learning and make Spanish come to life. See how our integrated text and technology support students at every step!

Video Highlights

  • Video


    An engaging video series brings lesson vocabulary and grammar to life through relatable storylines following native speakers. Students experience local life in Mexico with the Diaz family whose household includes two college students and an American exchange student. Learn more about the Fotonovela

  • Video

    Flash Cultura

    Like watching the news delivered by young citizen journalists in their own countries, these videos are all about the local culture. Vocabulary and grammar from the text is incorporated, while still providing a controlled amount of unknown language.

  • Video

    Animated tutorials

    Grammar has never been more exciting with the favorite Professor Pedro Gómez Laserna pairing rules with fun examples in these entertaining lessons. Learn more

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