Langue et culture du monde francophone


Langue et culture du monde francophone

Cherie Mitschke, Cheryl Tano

© 2011 hardcover | online vText available
8-10 chapters each | 528 pages


Langue et culture du monde francophone

Cherie Mitschke, Cheryl Tano

© 2011 hardcover | online vText available
8-10 chapters each | 528 pages


D'accord! is designed to get today's students speaking accurately and confidently in French—presenting grammar and vocabulary as tools for effective communication. Each lesson incorporates engaging, dramatic and authentic videos, literary and cultural readings, and integrated technology tools to support skill-building and promote cultural understanding of the francophone world. Features include:

  • A variety of appealing videos—from a dramatic series to documentaries to authentic video clips
  • Exciting, contemporary, cultural coverage of the francophone world
  • Carefully structured lesson organization for easy, confident use
  • Our interactive Supersite—with auto-graded activities, program video and audio, student resources, and helpful online assessment and class management tools
  • Clear, logical, sequential grammar presentations that provide students with scaffolded support
  • vText— the online, interactive student edition

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What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.
D'accord 1
D'accord 2
D'accord 3

D'accord 1

  1. Unité 1: Salut!
  2. Unité 2: À la fac
  3. Unité 3: La famille et les copains
  4. Unité 4: Au café
  5. Unité 5: Les loisirs
  6. Unité 6: Les fêtes
  7. Unité 7: En vacances
  8. Unité 8: Chez nous

D'accord 2

  1. Reprise Unité préliminaire: Bonjour!
  2. Unité 1: La nourriture
  3. Unité 2: La santé
  4. Unité 3: La technologie
  5. Unité 4: En ville
  6. Unité 5: L’avenir et les métiers
  7. Unité 6: L’espace vert
  8. Unité 7: Les arts

D'accord 3

  1. Leçon 1: Ressentir et vivre
  2. Leçon 2: Habiter en ville
  3. Leçon 3: L’influence des médias
  4. Leçon 4: La valeur des idées
  5. Leçon 5: La société en évolution
  6. Leçon 6: Les générations qui bougent
  7. Leçon 7: Les sciences et la technologie
  8. Leçon 8: S’évader et s’amuser
  9. Leçon 9: Perspectives de travail
  10. Leçon 10: Les richesses naturelles

For Students

Student Edition with Supersite Access
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-780-2 Hardcover
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-781-9 Hardcover
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-782-6 Hardcover
Cahier d'exercices
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-564-8 Paperback
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-576-1 Paperback
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-586-0 Paperback
Additional practice for the vocabulary, grammar, and cultural information from each textbook lesson. Also available online with auto-grading as part of the Cahier Interactif
Cahier d'activites
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-565-5 Paperback
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-577-8 Paperback
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-587-7 Paperback
Audio and video activities, and paired communication worksheets. Audio and video activities are also available online as part of the Cahier Interactif.
Cahier Interactif
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-599-0 Code
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-604-1 Code
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-610-2 Code
Online Cahier d'exercices and Cahier d'activités (Audio and video activities)
Student Supersite
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-575-4 Code
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-584-6 Code
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-606-5 Code
The Student Supersite is also available for separate purchase.

For Instructors

Annotated Edition
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-364-4 Hardcover
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-365-1 Hardcover
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-366-8 Hardcover
Teacher Supersite
Free code to adopting instructors
Includes online class management, assessment, instructor resources, and online communication tools
Teacher's Resource Box
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-612-6 Box
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-613-3 Box
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-614-0 Box

Includes the below materials for each level:

Student Materials
Cahier d'exercices
Cahier d'activités
Teacher Materials
Teacher's Annotated Edition
Answer Keys
Audio and Video Scripts
Testing Program
Testing Program Audio CD
Textbook Activities & Vocabulary Audio CD
Audio Program Audio CDs
Teacher's Resources DVD Set
Roman-photo DVD
Cahier d'exercices
Audio and video scripts
Answer keys
Testing program with audio MP3 files and answer keys
Test generator by Brownstone
PowerPoint presentation slides for classroom use (maps, vocabulary, grammar)
Sample lesson
Every D’accord lesson is enhanced by a range of activities, audio, and media—from a dramatic series to authentic video clips—complete with resources that reinforce learning and make French come to life. See firsthand how our integrated text and technology support students at every step!

Video Highlights

  • Video


    Roman-photo episodes bring lesson vocabulary and grammar to life through relatable storylines following native speakers. Fully integrated with D’accord, 26 episodes present the adventure of four university students in France. Learn more about the Roman-photo in Levels 1 and 2

  • Video

    Flash Culture

    Like watching the news delivered by young citizen journalists in their own countries, these videos are all about the local culture. Vocabulary and grammar from the text is incorporated, while still providing a controlled amount of unknown language.

Supersite Technology

See what we mean by integrated technology. Our Supersite offers a wealth of online tools, media, and resources for both teachers and students. Find the best ways to teach and learn—for you. Visit the Supersite Demo to see all resources.

  • For teachers
  • A gradebook to manage classes, view rosters, set assignments, and post announcements
  • The complete Teacher's Resource Manual in PDFs (answer keys, videoscripts & translations, audioscripts, info gap activities, handouts)
  • The complete Testing Program in PDFs and RTF word-processing files
  • MP3 files of the complete Textbook, Lab, and Testing Audio Programs
  • Overheads, and vocabulary and grammar PowerPoint presentation slides
  • Lesson plans
  • Middle School Activities Package
  • Voiceboards for oral communication and threaded discussions
  • Complete access to the Student Supersite

  • For students
  • Auto-graded textbook and additional practice activities with real-time feedback
  • Open-ended activities where students explore and search the Internet
  • Interactive maps and cultural activities
  • Recorded readings, plus additional readings
  • Streaming video for all video programs, with optional subtitles and English translations
  • Textbook and Lab audio MP3s
  • Auto-graded diagnostic quizzes, tests, and exams
  • Writing activities
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Vocabulary tutorials, interactive flashcards, and games
  • Mini French dictionary, verb wheel, and grammar reference

Cahier Interactif

  • Cahier Interactif: Online Workbook/Lab Manual/Video Manual
  • Cahier d'activités audio and video activities and Cahier d'exercises activities in an online format
  • A combination of auto-graded and teacher-graded activities
  • Oral voice record-submit activities
  • The complete Lab Manual audio program
  • A single gradebook to manage Supersite and e-Cahier classes, rosters, and assignments

  • For Online collaboration
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Application sharing—perfect for online tutoring
  • Online whiteboards
  • Online office hours

  • For teachers
  • A single gradebook for vText and Supersite
  • vText included with every Instructor Supersite account—the perfect tool for classroom presentations
  • A great solution for hybrid classes

  • For students
  • Searchable table of contents and page-number browsing
  • Note-taking capabilities
  • Links on the vText page to all audio, video, and mouse-icon textbook activities
  • An interface that shows assignments and grades for mouse-icon activities right on the vText page
  • Access to all Supersite resources