Descubre, Media Edition

Lengua y cultura del mundo hispánico

Descubre, Media Edition

Lengua y cultura del mundo hispánico

© 2011 hardcover | 8 x 10 inches | online vText available
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-099-5 | Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-100-8 | Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-101-5 9-10 chapters each | Level 1: 382 pages | Level 2: 389 pages | Level 3: 468 pages


Lengua y cultura del mundo hispánico

© 2011 hardcover | 8 x 10 inches | online vText available
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-099-5 | Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-100-8 | Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-101-5 9-10 chapters each | Level 1: 382 pages | Level 2: 389 pages | Level 3: 468 pages


Descubre integrates text and technology for an exciting, contemporary learning experience across three levels. Thorough coverage of reading, speaking, and listening skills, and an in-depth view of Spanish culture help students develop solid communication skills, confidence, and cultural understanding. Features include:

  • Highly structured lesson organization with easy-to-navigate color-coded sections for easy, confident use
  • An instructional design that emphasizes language as a tool
  • Progressive communicative activities incorporated into every section of every lesson
  • Unprecedented cultural coverage of the Spanish-speaking world
  • Engaging dramatic and authentic video selections, integrated throughout all three levels
  • Systematic development of reading, writing, and listening skills through learning strategies and a process approach
  • Compelling, visually-striking illustrations and photos that support students' understanding of the text
  • Our interactive Supersite—with auto-graded activities, program video and audio, student resources, and helpful online assessment and class management tools
  • vText—the online, interactive student edition

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What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.

Descubre Level 1

Descubre Level 2

Descubre Level 3

Descubre Level 1

  1. Lección 1: Hola, ¿qué tal?
  2. Lección 2: En la clase
  3. Lección 3: La familia
  4. Lección 4: Los pasatiempos
  5. Lección 5: Las vacaciones
  6. Lección 6: ¡De compras!
  7. Lección 7: La rutina diaria
  8. Lección 8: La comida
  9. Lección 9: Las fiestas

Descubre Level 2

  1. Lección 1: En el consultorio
  2. Lección 2: La tecnologí­a
  3. Lección 3: La vivienda
  4. Lección 4: La naturaleza
  5. Lección 5: En la ciudad
  6. Lección 6: El bienestar
  7. Lección 7: El mundo del trabajo
  8. Lección 8: Un festival de arte
  9. Lección 9: Las actualidades

Descubre Level 3

  1. Lección 1: Las relaciones personales
  2. Lección 2: Las diversiones
  3. Lección 3: La vida diaria
  4. Lección 4: La salud y el bienestar
  5. Lección 5: Los viajes
  6. Lección 6: La naturaleza
  7. Lección 7: La tecnología y la ciencia
  8. Lección 8: La economí­a y el trabajo
  9. Lección 9: La cultura popular y los medios de comunicación
  10. Lección 10: La literatura y el arte

For Students

Text with Supersite Access
Level 1 ISBN:978-1-60576-777-2 Hardcover
Level 2 ISBN:978-1-60576-778-9Hardcover
Level 3 ISBN:978-1-60576-779-6 Hardcover
vText Online textbook with Supersite Access
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-301-9 Code
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-306-4 Code
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-311-8 Code

Cuaderno de práctica
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60007-254-3 Paperback
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60007-281-9 Paperback
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60007-308-3 Paperback
Additional practice for the vocabulary, grammar, and Panorama cultural from each textbook lesson. Also available online with auto-grading as part of the e-Cuaderno.
Cuaderno de actividades
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60007-255-0 Paperback
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60007-282-6 Paperback
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60007-309-0 Paperback
Audio and video activities, and paired communication worksheets. Audio and video activities are also available online as part of the e-Cuaderno.
Cuaderno para hispanohablantes
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60007-256-7 Paperback
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60007-283-3 Paperback
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60007-310-6 Paperback
Cuaderno de práctica with differentiated instruction to address heritage speakers—students who have grown up in a Spanish-speaking environment but have had little formal Spanish language training.
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60007-257-4 Code
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60007-284-0 Code
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60007-311-3 Code
Online Cuaderno de práctica & Cuaderno de actividades (Audio and video activities).
Student Supersite
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60007-259-8 Code
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60007-286-4 Code
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60007-313-7 Code
The Student Supersite is also available for separate purchase.

For Instructors

Annotated Edition
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-099-5 Hardcover
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-100-8 Hardcover
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-101-5 Hardcover
Includes online class management, assessment, teacher resources, and online communication tools.

Teacher's Resource Box
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60576-449-8 Box
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60576-450-4 Box
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60576-451-1 Box

Includes the below materials for each level:

Student Materials
Cuaderno de actividades
Cuaderno de práctica
Teacher Materials
Teacher's Annotated Edition
Answer Keys
Audio and Video Scripts
Testing Program
Testing Program Audio CD
Textbook Activities & Vocabulary Audio CD
Audio Program Audio CDs
Teacher's Resource CD & DVD Set
Fotonovela & Panorama cultural DVD
Teacher's Resource CD
Cuaderno de actividades
Audio and video scripts
Answer keys
Testing program with audio MP3 files and answer keys
Test generator by Brownstone
PowerPoint presentation slides for classroom use (maps, vocabulary, grammar)
Overhead Transparencies in PowerPoint
Overhead Transparencies
Level 1 ISBN: 978-1-60007-265-9 Overhead Transparencies
Level 2 ISBN: 978-1-60007-292-5 Overhead Transparencies
Level 3 ISBN: 978-1-60007-319-9 Overhead Transparencies
Includes maps of the Spanish-speaking world, drawings to reinforce vocabulary, and other illustrations for presenting or practicing concepts. Also available as PDFs in the Supersite and on Teacher's Resource CD.
Sample lesson
Every Descubre lesson is enhanced by a range of activities, audio, media—from a dramatic series to authentic commercials and news stories—and resources that reinforce learning and make Spanish come to life. See how our integrated text and technology support students at every step!

Video Highlights

  • Video


    In Levels 1 and 2, dramatic video episodes follow four students on their adventure through Ecuador. Characters' dialogue brings lesson vocabulary and grammar to life, while flashbacks give glimpses of everyday life in their home countries. The Level 3 Fotonovela is a series of sitcom episodes surrounding the adventures of employees of a fictional lifestyle magazine. The characters' real-world language reflects the vocabulary and grammar of the matching lesson. Learn more about the Fotonovela in Levels 1 and 2.

  • Video

    Flash Cultura

    Like watching the news delivered by young citizen journalists in their own countries, these videos are all about the local culture. Vocabulary and grammar from the text is incorporated, while still providing a controlled amount of unknown language. Learn more about Flash Cultura.

  • Video

    Panorama Cultural

    Get amazing views of Spanish speaking countries through captivating and beautiful documentary film. Students gain interesting cultural insights while viewing these videos integrated with the Panorama section of each lesson.

  • Video

    Animated tutorials

    Grammar has never been more exciting with the favorite Professor Pedro Gómez Laserna pairing rules with fun examples in these entertaining lessons. Learn more about our Animated Tutorials.

Supersite Technology

See what we mean by integrated technology. Our Supersite and vText offer a wealth of online tools, media and resources for both teachers and students. Find the best ways to teach and learn—for you. Visit the Supersite Demo to explore all resources.

  • For teachers
  • A gradebook to manage courses, view rosters, set assignments, and post announcements
  • The complete Instructor's Resource Manual in PDFs (lesson plans, audio and video scripts, project ideas, and answer keys)
  • A comprehensive Testing Program that can be administered online, or printed and given in class
  • Record-submit assessments—orally recorded end-of-lesson tests
  • MP3 files of the Audio Program, Textbook Audio Program, and Testing Audio Program
  • PowerPoint presentation slides for classroom use (maps, vocabulary, grammar)
  • Cuaderno de actividades
  • Information gap activities
  • Complete access to the Student Supersite

  • For students
  • The complete Descubre Video Program
  • Selected activities from the student text available with auto-grading
  • Additional activities for each strand of the book
  • Additional cultural information and research activities
  • Interactive maps with cultural notes and activities
  • Auto-graded diagnostic quizzes
  • Textbook and audio activities MP3s
  • Diagnostic quizzes with follow-up activities
  • Animated grammar tutorials
  • Spanish-English dictionary
  • Online verb wheel
  • Grammar reference

  • For teachers
  • A single gradebook for vText and Supersite (or eCuaderno)
  • vText included with every Instructor Supersite account—the perfect tool for classroom presentations
  • A great solution for hybrid courses

  • For students
  • Searchable table of contents and page-number browsing
  • Note-taking capabilities
  • Links on the vText page to all audio, video, and mouse-icon textbook activities
  • An interface that shows assignments and grades for mouse-icon activities right on the vText page
  • Access to all Supersite—or eCuaderno resources


The best product information often comes from our customers. Here you'll find independent reviews that have been published in education or related industry publications. They're not our words, but we sure liked them and thought you'd be interested to know.

Descubre review in Language Magazine

Language Magazine, May 2009, Volume 8, No. 9
Course Materials and Methodology, edited by Carolyn Gascoigne
Reviewer: Kimberly Barba Canney, Hingham Public Schools, Hingham, MA
Program: Descubre: Lengua y cultura del mundo hispánico ©2008


This three year program is geared toward secondary students but is easily adapted to middle school. Because of the program's content, approach, and ancillaries, a teacher can address a wide range of learning styles and effectively differentiate instruction.

I love the way the book is set up. Having the vocabulary with the dialogues at the beginning of the chapter and presenting the grammar afterwards gives students a sense of how the vocabulary is used before learning the rules. It's more natural and is a great way to do it. Because the activities are set up well, some students can be working on mastering vocabulary, while others are applying this knowledge, creating written dialogues or skits. Breaking the grammar of the chapters into sequenced sections helps to focus on the topic and move through it a little at a time. The accumulation of all of the grammar sections is covered wonderfully by the Recapitulación. The kids love to do Recapitulación online. I often loop back to the beginning of the chapter as we move through, to show the kids how much they know!

The most exciting part of Descubre for my students is the Supersite. Whether it's listening to the Fotonovela and answering questions or practicing vocabulary and grammar through the many games and activities available, they can use the site in our class or at home. If they forget their book at school, they can go to the Supersite, do the activity, print it out or have me check it online. It's that easy. We don't have a Language Lab at Hingham Middle School, but using the Supersite makes us feel as though we do! I enjoy the ready-made quizzes, tests and activities that I can modify for my classes. I also love the "Teaching Options". These are like suggestions from colleagues about best practices and they always work.

I don't get to everything in every chapter, but I do the audio activities on a regular basis. Sometimes I have to repeat the audio CDs, but I love that there are native speakers from many different countries with different accents. It's really life-like. One of my favorite audio activities is the one when the students hear conjugated verbs and have to check off "yo", "nosotros", etc. It really shows me that they know their subject pronouns and know how to conjugate.

One challenging aspect for me is the age of the students in the Fotonovela. My students are in 7th grade and cannot relate to the freedom of the college student traveling around Ecuador. They don't have college courses or roommates, so this part of Chapter 2 is a little 'over their heads'.

Overall, I love the book and would recommend it to any teacher who wants to challenge students to really speak Spanish. Today's students are ready for this multi-faceted approach. They are ready for the variety and integration of technology and text that Descubre offers.