Imagina, 2nd Edition

Español sin barreras

Imagina, 2nd Edition

Español sin barreras

José A. Blanco, C. Cecilia Tocaimaza-Hatch

© 2011 hardcover | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches | paperback option | online vText available
10 chapters | 482 pages


Español sin barreras

José A. Blanco, C. Cecilia Tocaimaza-Hatch

© 2011 hardcover | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches | paperback option | online vText available
10 chapters | 482 pages


Designed to strengthen students’ language skills and develop cultural competency, Imagina provides students with an active and rewarding learning experience. It features a fresh, magazine-like design and captivating video and reading selections. Use Imagina to engage students while integrating thematic, cultural, and grammatical concepts throughout each lesson. Features include:

  • An instructional design that emphasizes language as a tool
  • Provocative short films by contemporary Hispanic filmmakers tied with the lesson’s culture, literature, and grammar
  • Cultural readings and authentic literature for a genuine “tour” of the Spanish-speaking world
  • Innovative design and lesson organization to support and facilitate language learning
  • An abundance of illustrations, photos, charts, and diagrams to keep students focused
  • An emphasis on local language, regional dialects, colloquialisms, and practical vocabulary
  • Our signature Supersite—online access to textbook video, audio, interactive activities, study and reference tools, and effective online assessment and class management
New features

What's new in Imagina, 2nd Edition?

  • Two new films, Hiyab (Spain) and El rincón de Venezuela (Venezuela, US)
  • En pantalla section featuring authentic TV clips and pre-and-post viewing activities
  • Three new readings: La desesperación de las letras, Ginés S. Cutillas, La mejor tinta, Armando Valladares, Algo muy grave va a suceder en este pueblo, Gabriel García Márquez
  • WebSAM—now one password for access to students’ Supersite and WebSAM accounts
  • Voiceboards for oral communication and threaded discussions

What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.


  1. Lección 1: Sentir y vivir
  2. Lección 2: Vivir en la ciudad
  3. Lección 3: La influencia de los medios
  4. Lección 4: Generaciones en movimiento
  5. Lección 5: Las riquezas naturales
  6. Lección 6: El valor de las ideas
  7. Lección 7: Perspectivas laborales
  8. Lección 8: Ciencia y tecnología
  9. Lección 9: Escapar y divertirse
  10. Lección 10: Herencia y destino

For Students

Student Edition with Supersite Access
ISBN: 978-1-60576-262-3 Hardcover
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Student Activities Manual Workbook and Lab Manual
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Student Edition with Supersite + WebSAM + vText
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For Instructors

Annotated Edition
ISBN:978-1-60576-092-6 Paperback
Imagina Teacher's DVD Set
ISBN: 978-1-60576-223-4 2 DVD's
Cinematica and Flash cultura DVDs
Sample lesson
To help students achieve native-like language skills, every Imagina lesson is supported by a range of activities and authentic media. Short films from the Spanish-speaking world serve as a springboard to each lesson’s cultural themes and language functions. See how our integrated text and technology support students at every step!
Supersite Technology

See what we mean by integrated technology. Our Supersite, WebSAM, and vText, offer a wealth of online tools, media and resources for both teachers and students. Find the best ways to teach and learn—for you. Visit the Supersite Demo to explore all resources.

  • For teachers
  • A gradebook to manage classes, view rosters, set assignments, and post announcements
  • The complete Teacher Resource Manual in PDFs (answer keys, videoscripts and translations, audioscripts, info gap activities, hojas de actividades handouts, and vocabulario adicional)
  • The complete Testing Program in PDFs and RTF word-processing files
  • MP3 files of the complete Textbook, Lab, and Testing Audio Programs
  • Overheads, vocabulary, and grammar PowerPoint presentation slides
  • Lesson plans
  • Projects
  • Voiceboards for oral communication and threaded discussions
  • Complete access to the Student Supersite

  • For students
  • Auto-graded textbook and additional practice activities with real-time feedback
  • Open-ended activities where students explore and search the Internet
  • Interactive maps and cultural activities
  • Recorded readings, plus additional readings
  • Short film videos stream while viewing activities
  • Textbook and Lab audio MP3s
  • Auto-graded quizzes, tests, and exams
  • Writing activities
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Animated grammar tutorials
  • Vocabulary tutorials, interactive flashcards, and games
  • Mini Spanish dictionary, verb wheel, and grammar reference


  • WebSAM: Online Student Activities Manual
  • Student Activities Manual in an online format
  • A combination of auto-graded and teacher-graded activities
  • Oral voice record-submit activities
  • The complete Lab Manual audio program
  • A single gradebook to manage Supersite and WebSAM classes, rosters, and assignments
  • vText access is complementary with WebSAM packages

  • Online collaboration tools
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
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  • Online whiteboards
  • Online office hours


  • For teachers
  • A single gradebook for vText and Supersite (or WebSAM)
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  • A great solution for hybrid classes

  • For students
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