Revista, 4th Edition

Conversación sin barreras

Revista, 4th Edition

Conversación sin barreras

José A. Blanco

© 2014 paperback | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches
6 lessons | 240 pages


Conversación sin barreras

José A. Blanco

© 2014 paperback | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches
6 lessons | 240 pages


Get your advanced Spanish students talking with our best-selling conversational program. Revista uses relevant and high-interest themes, engaging fiction and non-fiction selections, and interactive teaching strategies—all to help students express themselves naturally and effortlessly in Spanish. Features include:

  • Award-winning and engaging short films by contemporary Hispanic filmmakers—with 2 new films for the 4th Edition
  • Literary readings include essays, news articles, fictional stories, play excerpts, opinion pieces, interviews, and poetry selections—with 8 new readings in the 4th Edition
  • Comic strips offer clever, thought-provoking insights into the lesson theme
  • Pre-viewing and pre-reading support for each film and literary selection
  • Succinct review of grammar points tied to major functions, now with an additional grammar point per lesson
  • Special icons that correlate activities to ACTFL’s Standards for Foreign Language Learning
  • Live Chat to connect with students in real time, without leaving your browser:
    • Video chat
    • Audio chat
    • Instant messaging
  • Groundbreaking, text-specific technology specially designed to expand students’ learning and instructors’ teaching options
  • Ability to copy all assignments from a previous course
  • Create, assign, and grade your own open-ended activities and assessments
  • Upload or share documents, videos, and outside resources
  • New online tools—add or remove your own content to the Supersite, and set time limits and passwords for assessment
New features

What’s new in Revista, 4th Edition?

  • Enhanced Supersite—groundbreaking technology with powerful course management tools and a simplified user experience
  • Two new two films: La aventura de Rosa from Spain and Ella o yo from Argentina
  • Eight new readings, with one audio-synced reading per lesson on the Supersite
  • One new comic strip: Tira cómica: Insegurid by Alberto Montt
  • Additional grammar practice on the Supersite, with more icons and annotations for easy reference
  • Live Chat to connect with students in real time, without leaving your browser:
    • Instant messaging
    • Audio chat
    • Video chat
  • iPad®-friendly* access—get Supersite on the go
    *Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools that require Flash or Shockwave.

What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download the Table of Contents.

Revista, 4th Edition

  1. Lección 1: ¿Realidad o fantasía?
  2. Lección 2: Una cuestión de personalidad
  3. Lección 3: La influencia de los medios
  4. Lección 4: Las garras del poder
  5. Lección 5: Por amor al arte
  6. Lección 6: Modos de vivir

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  • Testing Program
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  • Lesson Plans
  • Syllabus
Sample lesson
Every Revista lesson is supported by a range of activities, media, audio, and resources that enhance learning and make Spanish come to life! Short films from the Spanish-speaking world serve as a springboard to each lesson’s cultural themes and language functions. See how our integrated text and technology support students at every step!
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  • Online administration of quizzes and exams, now with time limits and password protection
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  • Ability to reorder assignments as seen on student dashboard
  • Add your own customized notes to the existing activity content:
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  • Lab and Testing Audio Program MP3 files
  • Live Chat for video chat, audio chat, and instant messaging
  • Voiceboards for oral assignments, group discussions, and projects

  • For students
  • Textbook activities—online
  • Additional activities for extra practice
  • Enhanced feedback to guide students to improve comprehension and grades
  • Streaming video for all video programs, with instructor-controlled subtitles and translations
  • Textbook and Lab audio MP3s
  • Live Chat for video chat, audio chat, and instant messaging
  • Online dictionary and verb wheel
  • Pronunciation practice
  • An online Student Activities Manual (WebSAM) with audio record-submit activities and auto-grading for selected activities

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The best product information often comes from our customers. Here you’ll find independent reviews that have been released in education or related industry publications.

Revista in Language Magazine

Reviewer: Sarah Penman
Program: Blanco, Jose. Revista, 4th Edition. Conversación sin barreras. Boston: Vista Higher Learning, Inc., 2014.
ISBN 978-1-61857-076-5.

Those of us who were once language students ourselves can probably recall examples of the contrived and cheesy videos used in our classes: unnatural speech, bad acting, and dull plots. Enter Vista Higher Learning’s new Spanish language program, Revista, with its quality and authentic short films that appear in each chapter. The films, directed by up-and-coming directors, offer students the chance to hear many varieties of Spanish at a normal pace, along with some slang. The fact that some of the films have won awards for shorts at film festivals attests to their quality.

While Revista’s subheading is “Conversación sin barreras,” to call it a conversation book would be to sell it short. In fact, Revista is a complex textbook that activates the four skills and fosters cultural competence using communicative and engaging materials. Each chapter begins with key vocabulary and an advanced organizer that activates students’ prior knowledge on the theme that will be discussed, followed by the “Cortometraje,” or short film that is available on the RevistaSupersite. The text offers activities to facilitate comprehension in the films, including skills and examples from the dialogues.

The films may be challenging for intermediate students, but the fact that they are so well produced and interesting will motivate students to engage with them. Follow-up activities offer many opportunities for conversation. Following the “Cortometraje,” the section “Estruturas” presents target grammar using the film as context. Every example and activity uses text from the film or topics from the film to ensure that the grammar points are fully contextualized.

Each chapter contains three different reading comprehension activities that vary across chapters. Between “Ensayo,” “Obra de teatro,” “CuentoArticulo,” “Entrevista,” and “Tira Comica,” students will engage with authentic fiction and nonfiction texts that aim to rouse controversy and incite meaningful exchanges. Furthermore, each chapter asks for student writing and closes with an activity that consolidates and reviews what students have learned.

In today’s market, having an online component is the industry standard. However, Revista sets itself apart by boasting a clear, user-friendly layout on its Supersite. Instructors should take advantage of the built-in roster and gradebook. The Supersite also houses content and assignments that can be computer graded. It also allows for instructors to choose to assign specific activities or even grade assignments without the help of the computer.

Revista’s communicative approach with authentic films and texts make it one of the most exciting Spanish language texts available for the college-level learner. The fascinating topics will keep students talking and encourage expression. The Supersite is a wonderful tool for tracking student progress and organizing the administrative side of teaching. Furthermore, today’s digital-age learners will feel at home with the computer-based components of the program. Revista makes an effort to subvert and avoid perpetuating stereotypes about the Hispanic culture. The Spanish-speaking cultures represented in the films and readings will engage students and get them excited about learning.