Developed for learning on-the-go

Because learning never stops, we’ve developed programs on the new Supersite with mobile devices in mind. To make the most of your program’s resources on an iPad®, all you need is a Supersite account and internet access.

What does iPad®-friendly mean?

We've worked to make sure the following resources are accessible on iPads:

  • Streaming video (tap on the black screen to start)
  • Audio
  • Most practice activities (see exclusions below*)
  • Presentational readings (literary and cultural selections and spoken grammar presentations)
  • vText, single page view
  • Grammar tutorials
  • Flashcards
video content

*What was out of our control?

Apple mobile devices that use iOS, such as the iPad® and iPad® 2, are limited in the types of functions they support through a web browser, making them incompatible with some Supersite content. We recommend students use a computer to access activities listed below, and we’ll look to continually update our programs as technologies advance.

Since microphone and camera access from within the web browser isn’t possible, these activities need to be completed on a computer:

  • Record-compare activities
  • Partner Chat activities
  • Virtual Chat activities
  • Forums

Flash- and Shockwave-based items cannot be viewed on an iPad®. This impacts the following:

  • Talking pictures
  • Games
  • Online mini dictionary

Awesome product. I will continue working with languages on my own.

Carrie Collins
Student, Thomas Nelson Community College, VA


Visit program specific pages for additional details regarding Supersite availability.