Cheryl Kincaid

Modern Language Specialist

In My Words:

I began working with Vista Higher Learning as a consultant in 2003. Now as a Modern Language Specialist, it’s wonderful to be a part of a team that truly appreciates diversity, understands the power of language, and is driven in all they do by a passion for life-long learning.

As a navy brat I was blessed with the opportunity to grow-up around many different people from many different cultures. I have been fascinated with learning more about cultures and traditions ever since I was able to appreciate the family reunions in South Dakota on the Sioux reservation. What I soon realized as a kid was that each one of us has a culture and a language, and I developed an interest in exploring them. Unfortunately, I was in a school system that only offered two years of Spanish. After my short study in high school, I decided to renew my studies of Spanish in college, where my love affair of Spanish began. As a Spanish teacher, I was able to travel to Mexico, Venezuela, and Spain; but it was while teaching I discovered a new love in my life: introducing students to the opportunity to appreciate diversity and encouraging their interest in learning languages.