Seanna Landry

Modern Language Specialist

In My Words:

I’ve never met anyone who said they didn’t value speaking a second language. In an increasingly global society, language is a powerful skill to possess, and one that opens the doors of opportunity for learning, travel, friendships, and careers.

My passion for modern languages really evolved when I moved to Rome, Italy. Until that point, I had never owned a passport or been out of the country. My exposure to the world outside of the U.S. had been limited, at best. After a few months in Italy, I was determined to feel like a local, even if I didn’t look like one, and learning to speak and communicate in Italian was the gateway to immersing myself in the culture and local life. It was powerful to be able to navigate conversations with anyone from store clerks, to office colleagues, to relatives of my local friends, even if my grammar wasn’t perfect.

I am so proud of and grateful for this period of my life, and it has fueled a respect and curiosity for global languages and cultures that has taken me to many more amazing, international destinations.


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