Andrés Cano

Modern Language Specialist

In My Words:

My experience with modern languages has given me the opportunity to communicate and understand other cultures in a unique way. Not only have I learned literary and physical expressions, but I have learned a new way of interacting with other people that includs respect for their values and history. As a child, I remember watching along as my sister was learning English. Becoming inspired to learn English myself, I would sit by her side as she did her homework and practice exercises. I would listen to her and study her notes every chance I had. After a while I began listening to music and watching movies and TV in English in order to expand my study of the language. The learning process continued throughout my college education, work experiences, lectures, readings, and personal connections.

I am fortunate enough to start a new language experience at Vista Higher Learning. My curiosity and desire to learn more about modern languages is a lifetime commitment, just as it is for the rest of the VHL Team. I strongly believe that languages open big windows of opportunities and they make you a more passionate and caring human being.


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