Jose Diaz

Modern Language Specialist

In My Words:

Most of my professional career has been spent as the admissions representative for major universities, as well as the assistant director of admissions overseeing a team of recruiters. My efforts were directed toward helping adults accomplish their educational goals, motivating prospective students to see the opportunities afforded to them by continuing their education, and inspiring the advisors I managed to see my passion for why our jobs were so important. In my personal life I was the primary care giver, translator, and first born grandson to amazing Cuban immigrant grandparents. This devotion to care and my attentiveness to my customers can be attributed to those roles I took on very early in my childhood.

Every move I make in my career is with the intention to impact positively. I give my customers the experience I would expect and I hold others to the same standards that I hold myself to when it comes to being an advocate for education. But over all else I am a father to an amazing toddler named Grace and also a father figure to her 14-year-old sister Isabella. They are both without a doubt the motivation for everything I do in my career and they are worth every grey hair in my beard.