Kyle Kernan

In My Words:

I remember growing up, hearing my Uncle Pietro shouting “¡Mira!” to me, usually when sharing cooking tricks. Pietro, of Italian and Spanish heritage, married my mother’s sister; giving a family of English and French-Canadian backgrounds a richer cultural experience, and not just in the kitchen. When I heard him speak in Spanish or Italian there was a pride and passion there that resonated with me. I realized language is not just for communication—it is a reflection of one’s culture.

Pietro’s family relocated from Basilicata, Italy to Venezuela when he was a boy, and then to New England as a young adult. Pietro spent his nights immersing himself in English grammar books. Reading was not enough to learn, so he would start conversations with strangers just to practice. I wonder how much time and effort he could have saved with access to a language resource like Vista Higher Learning.

My passion for culture at an early age inspired me to study English and Theater while at the University of Maine. I also spent a semester abroad in Lancaster, England, and traveled throughout Europe. These experiences helped deepen my appreciation for different cultures even more. My desire to learn and connect with others brought me to Education Technology sales in Boston and now New York.

I am so excited for the opportunity to support educators with my software and technology knowledge and passion for culture.


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