Teresa Morrison

Modern Language Specialist

In My Words:

What comes to mind when you think about language, culture, and diversity? Perhaps it’s soul stirring music, captivating art, adventurous travel, delectable food, or meeting new and interesting people.

Coming from a family of wanderers, these aspects were the foundational backdrop and fabric of my upbringing. As an Army brat, I was fortunate to see, experience and appreciate the richness of our world through cultural traditions and language. Having a grandfather who was a foreign service officer serving in countries such as Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia, I was always enamored with and admired his deftness with language which enabled him to easily connect and communicate with those around him.

Language and culture are inextricably connected. Learning and studying a language in meaningful ways—hands and minds on—will undoubtedly create memorable experiences, but can also be the gateway to career opportunities while fostering global citizenship.


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