Danielle Cincotti

International Modern Language Specialist (EMEA)

In My Words:

Growing up with an Italian-speaking mother in the States and subsequently, Italian-speaking extended family as well; I was surrounded by the sounds and cadences of another language. While at the time I only had a passive understanding that was beyond words and structure; as I grew I became intrigued by the language acquisition process and that of phonetics. I went on to study Vocal Performance at SUNY Purchase where taking Italian, French, German and Latin was required. It was here that my love of language was fully realized. I found that having been surrounded by the sounds of Italian growing up and my love of music had allowed me to hear the nuances of different languages and easily reproduce them. Determined to understand wholly the language and sounds that helped shape me, I studied abroad at the Università per Stranieri di Siena and went on to study Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts. Upon graduation, I taught EFL/ESL and Italian for several years then moved to New York City and worked in the Sales Department for a French trading company (within their Italian Division) and dove deeper into learning French. It was here, in this multi-national atmosphere, that I realized that this amazing gift of being multi-lingual had opened up so many doors for me professionally, inter-personally, as well as introspectively.

Today, I am honored to have the chance to spread this gift to others worldwide with Vista Higher Learning and to have the chance to work with so many worldwide educators and esteemed colleagues!