Sarah Thompson

Modern Language Specialist

In My Words:

Languages have played such a large role in my life. My father came to the U.S. from Italy when he was 10 years old. Growing up, every weekend I was surrounded by Italian-speaking relatives and very large, elaborate meals. From a young age I was able to cultivate a cultural curiosity and an appreciation for languages. This curiosity has taken me all over the world traveling, studying, and working, and has really defined who I am.

The best part of learning a new language is that it’s all about exploration—it’s about uncovering something new every day, and imagining where you will go, who you are going to meet, and all of the experiences this new tool can bring you. Learning a language helps you learn about a new culture, while at the same time discovering who you are within that context. Everything is unexpected, and what can be more exciting than that?