En tu medio

Intermediate Spanish

En tu medio integrates text with interactive and multimedia content, online tools and resources, and authentic short films to provide a contemporary and appealing learning experience. This ten-chapter program uses a task-based, student-friendly approach to build from the introductory level toward higher-level proficiency.

What sets this program apart?

Every aspect of En tu medio was designed with the twenty-first century learner in mind. It features a highly visual format, student-friendly themes, a focus on youth culture, authentic short films, blogs, social media, profiles of real people, and readings that help students forge a personal connection to the target culture.

En tu medio develops a more sophisticated cultural understanding by integrating focused content videos, high-interest readings, and a wealth of authentic materials—including photos, literary selections, ads, cartoons, and other realia—into each chapter. In addition to the topical videos, En tu medio includes five contemporary short films.

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Digital at your fingertips

The Supersite is our easy-to-use digital platform, fully integrated with the student textbook and built exclusively to support language learning.

Students visit the Supersite to complete their homework, practice Spanish, and communicate with their class. Instructors rely on the Supersite for powerful course management, allowing you and your students to focus on language learning.

Product details

  • Author
    Leah Fonder-Solano, Casilde A. Isabelli, María Isabel Martínez Mira
  • Lessons
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For students

  • Student Edition textbook (loose-leaf)
  • Supersite with vText—the online, interactive student edition

For instructors

  • Instructor's Annotated Edition textbook
  • Instructor Supersite with testing program, assignment calendar, and additional instructor resources
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