Beginning Spanish

Experiencias Beginning Spanish is designed to give students a collection of rich cultural experiences of the Spanish-speaking world, from which they build their own multimodal cultural portfolio of engaging projects in the target language. Culture is the point of departure for all activities and cultural competence is cultivated.

What sets this program apart?

Deepening students’ understanding of Spanish-speaking world cultures and developing cultural competence are the priorities of this program. Each chapter introduces the students to real people, products, and practices of a specific region, and then asks the students to investigate, explain, and reflect on what they have learned, building a connection to the people and their culture.

Students are asked to engage in interesting, task-based projects throughout each lesson. To do this, students complete three multimodal projects synthesizing what they have learned about each region. Students are also asked to work on a cultural project, a high-interest contemporary project, and a project where they need to do research about their own community.

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Digital at your fingertips

The Supersite is our easy-to-use digital platform, fully integrated with the student textbook and built exclusively to support language learning.

Students visit the Supersite to complete their homework, practice Spanish, and communicate with their class. Instructors rely on the Supersite for powerful course management, allowing you and your students to focus on language learning.

Product details

  • Author
    Diane Ceo-Difrancesco, Kathy Barton, Gregory L. Thompson, Alan V. Brown
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For students

  • Student Edition textbook (loose-leaf)
  • Supersite with vText—the online, interactive student edition

For instructors

  • Instructor's Annotated Edition textbook
  • Instructor Supersite with testing program, assignment calendar, and additional instructor resources
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