Fonética & fonología españolas 5th Edition

Fonética y fonología españolas, Fifth Edition remains an indispensable resource for students of Spanish as a second language. This comprehensive text covers the essential components required for fluency, with a detailed treatment of phonetics and phonology that provides a powerful framework for the study and practice of spoken language. A focus on the application of articulatory methods enables English speakers to hone advanced pronunciation skills. Extensive attention to dialect phenomena found in Latin American and Peninsular Spanish introduces readers to fascinating sociolinguistic dimensions of regional variations in spoken Spanish.

What sets this program apart?

An enhanced pedagogical framework provides a sophisticated and expedient set of linguistic tools. Written and oral exercises help students sharpen their pronunciation. Numerous maps, tables, figures, and illustrations guide students to an intuitive understanding of Spanish as used around the world. Augmented by online supplemental resources--including plentiful audio and video samples, class discussion topics, and group exercises-- this textbook is designed to build students’ confidence while encouraging their participation and sharpening of conversational skills.

Product details

  • Author
    Armin Schwegler, Ana Ameal-Guerra
  • Lessons
    21 chapters
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