Galería de lengua y cultura (Secondary)

Español para hispanohablantes Available in two-volume and three-volume format

Galería is a print and digital solution for heritage and native Spanish speakers that promotes bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism. It engages students with videos, authentic texts, and leveled practice activities that expand students’ competencies as they learn about their own culture and others.

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What to expect with Galería

Galería de lengua y cultura offers a flexible curriculum—including a two-volume and a three-volume format—that adapts to a wide range of classroom needs.

  • Practice listening, reading, speaking, and writing competencies within authentic cultural and social frameworks of all regions in the Spanish-speaking world
  • Acquire and practice vocabulary and language structures from social studies, science, art, music, and other content areas
  • Utilize differentiated content instruction for different learning modalities, abilities, and needs
  • Explore Spanish-speaking countries or regions while delving into themes of personal and public identities, families and communities, global challenges, contemporary life, science and technology, literature, music, and art

Explore the Galería digital experience

The Galería Supersite offers an unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built to support literacy instruction.

  • Provides a safe online environment with plenty of practice, communication tools, and engaging media to make learning an interactive, meaningful experience
  • Contains hundreds of program-specific, thematically based, and carefully scaffolded practice activities for students
  • Includes an array of digital teacher resources in one convenient place
  • Offers an online gradebook to track student and class progress
  • Includes a digital assessment program with placement test, quizzes, and more

For students

  • Student Edition
  • Literacy skills practice activities
  • Language and culture practice activities
  • Classroom libraries

For teachers

  • Teacher’s Annotated Edition
  • Assessment program
  • Writing Process Digital Handbook
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