Charlotte Peyton

Modern Language Specialist

In My Words:

My experience with languages began when I was just three years old. My parents emigrated from the Netherlands to the U.S., and as a result, I grew up in a bi-lingual home. In addition to Dutch and English, my paternal grandmother had taught German for thirty years in The Netherlands, and my father’s German heritage exposed me to the language at a young age. When I started high school, I added French to my repertoire of languages. I continued to study both French and German throughout high school and college.

I passionately believe that exposure to foreign languages helps expand our thinking. They expose us to world views that differ from our own, and give us another tool for understanding the world around us.

Education became the focus in my life in my thirties, and I spent nine years as a German, English, journalism, and photojournalism instructor in Northern Virginia. What excites me about my job as a Modern Language Specialist is that I can blend all of my experience and passion for languages into supporting professors and students alike.


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