Arika Trimnell

In My Words:

I was practically born with an affinity for TLLC: travel, learning, language, and culture. The first language I studied was ASL, followed by French, Spanish, and later Hawaiian. My mother worked in the airline industry, and my dad is a first-generation immigrant, so I was destined to have a love of language. On any given holiday, you'll hear my family speak German, French, Spanish, Yoruba, Igbo, and Tagalog, and yes, likely at the same time!

I am a big proponent for exploring the world through language, travel, food, and culture. I am excited to share my passion for traveling, learning, language acquisition, and culture to those I serve. I firmly believe that “access” is the universal equalizer in education. Given the right tools, everyone can be successful, and I am fortunate to help you find the perfect means for you.


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