Mark Taylor

Modern Language Specialist

In My Words:

Our parents instilled in us from an early age that exposure to different cultures and languages would open doors and truly make us citizens of the world. My journey began when my older brother and sisters started French lessons in second grade. I followed in their footsteps and would go on to become proficient in French and Spanish. Additionally, I studied both German and Japanese. While attending Syracuse University, I completed a year of my studies in Strasbourg, France. With my love of languages and culture firmly established, after graduation I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live and work professionally in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

I am committed to bilingualism and language acquisition and I am privileged to work with dedicated professionals that serve some of the most progressive World, Bilingual and Dual Language Programs in the country. As an educational consultant with Santillana USA for 11 years and now with Vista Higher Learning, I am proud to provide educators (and students) with the best tools in the market. True success can be measured by our empowerment of others and our commitment to provide world-class resources for world-class citizens.