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Support for Virtual APSIs

Vista Higher Learning is here to help with free 90-day access to our digital platform (vhlcentral) for workshop leaders and participants for all Virtual APSIs.  

Trial Access for Workshop Leaders

Get access to vhlcentral—the only online platform built exclusively for language learning. With plenty of opportunities for listening comprehension and a full-length practice exam*, our online offerings not only prepare students but also make teaching AP® courses easier.

To receive your access, please complete the form below. Note: Access to Temas/Thèmes comes with access to the AP® Worktext.

Workshop Information


We ask that Institute Directors and Workshop Leaders adhere to the following policies in order to help us provide the best support for AP® workshops.

  • Requests for materials should be made at least two weeks prior to the workshop start date.
  • In exchange for providing free materials, we ask that you provide a roster of your workshop participants. Please submit the completed Attendee Form and return via email to [email protected] at the conclusion of the workshop.

Materials for Participants

Want to make sure that workshop participants also have access?  Please send them this link:



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AP® Spanish Language and Culture

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Any questions—we’re here for you.

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*French and Spanish only

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