Vistas, 5th Edition

Vistas, 5th Edition

Introducción a la lengua española | José Blanco, Phillip Donley

© 2016

Print + Digital access

In 18 thematic lessons, beginner students get a comprehensive program to build strong language skills. Vistas helps them gain confidence and the cultural understanding needed to take them to the next level. With interactive grammar and vocabulary practice, engaging media, and communicative tasks, you’ll see what’s made Vistas the most successful intro Spanish text in the last ten years.Continuing in the tradition of delivering a fresh, student-friendly approach, the 5th edition makes students’ learning—and instructor’s teaching—even easier and more successful. Features include:

  • A unique and colorful use of graphic design that enhances the learning process and aids navigation
  • A distinct, cohesive integration of video—now with 8 new En pantalla authentic videos
  • A scaffolded, four-part grammar practice sequence that supports student success by progressing from directed, meaningful exercises to communicative, interactive activities
  • New engaging, animated grammar tutorials embedded with mini activities to check for understanding
  • A rich cultural presentation that covers the Spanish-speaking world
  • Groundbreaking, text-specific technology—now on a new Supersite platform with powerful tools—copy all assignments from previous courses in minutes, set time limits and passwords for assessments, add customized content, and more
  • Online chat activities—virtual conversations and live video chats for communication practice outside of class
  • vText and eBook—digital, interactive, textbooks that link directly with Supersite practice activities, audio, and video

What’s new in Vistas, 5th Edition?

  • Textbook options—loose-leaf, online vText, and downloadable eBook (for iPad®)
  • Online chat activities—virtual conversations and live video chats for communication practice outside of class
  • New, interactive, animated grammar tutorials, embedded with mini activities to check for understanding
  • A new Supersite platformwith tools to create your own activities, even easier course management, and much more!
  • 8 new authentic En pantallavideo clips
  • Updated Prueba de práctica, now with diagnostics to help students prepare for lesson tests
  • New task-based activities for class use or Integrated Performance Assessments—for every lesson
  • New vocabulary tool for personalized study—students focus on the words they don’t know for efficient studying and faster learning
  • A new tool to create and submit Escrituracompositions online, with instructor in-line comments and corrections (text or voice)
  • iPad®-friendly* Supersite and vText

*Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools that require Flash or Shockwave.

What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.

Vistas, 5th Edition

  1. Lección 1: Hola, ¿qué tal?
  2. Lección 2: En la universidad
  3. Lección 3: La familia
  4. Lección 4: Los pasatiempos
  5. Lección 5: Las vacaciones
  6. Lección 6: ¡De compras!
  7. Lección 7: La rutina diaria
  8. Lección 8: La comida
  9. Lección 9: Las fiestas
  10. Lección 10: En el consultorio
  11. Lección 11: La tecnología
  12. Lección 12: La vivienda
  13. Lección 13: La naturaleza
  14. Lección 14: En la ciudad
  15. Lección 15: El bienestar
  16. Lección 16: El mundo del trabajo
  17. Lección 17: Un festival de arte
  18. Lección 18: Las actualidades

A new generation of language-learning technology

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What does the new Supersite offer?

  • An End to Student Frustration: Make it a cinch for students to track due dates, save work, and access all assignments and resources.
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  • Accessible Student Data: Conveniently share information one-on-one, or issue class reports in the formats that best fit you and your department.

Learn more about this new generation of language-learning technology.

  • For instructors
  • A gradebook for rosters, assignments, and grades
  • Time-saving auto-graded activities, question-by-question grading, and automated spot-checking
  • Tools to personalize your course:
    • Create Partner Chat and open-ended activities
    • Add your own notes to existing content
    • Add video and outside resources
  • New assignment wizard—copy all assignments from a previous course, reflowed into the new semester’s dates, in minutes
  • Online assessment, with time limits and password protection
  • Composition grading tool for in-line comments and corrections via text or voice
  • Downloadable digital image bank, pre-made syllabi, lesson plans, and Testing Program
  • Instructor Resources (answer keys, audio-video programs, scripts, grammar powerpoints)
  • Single sign-on for LMS integration
  • A communication center for announcements, notifications, and help requests
  • Live Chat (video or audio) and instant messaging
  • Voiceboards for oral assignments, group discussions, and projects
  • vText online, interactive Student Edition
  • eBook, free with Instructor Supersite
  • iPad®-friendly*

  • For students
  • Textbook activities--online
  • Additional activities for extra practice
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Enhanced feedback to guide students and improve comprehension and grades
  • Interactive, animated grammar tutorials
  • Composition tool to create and submit writing assignments online
  • Personalized study with new vocabulary tools—students focus their study on the words they need to learn, for more efficient study and faster learning
  • Chat for oral practice and conversation skills:
    • Virtual Chat—simulated conversation activities
    • Video Partner Chat—recorded student pair communicative activities
  • Audio-synced readings
  • All video programs, with instructor-controlled subtitles and translations
  • Audio program (textbook, lab)
  • Online dictionary and reference materials
  • An online Student Activities Manual, with auto-grading for close-ended activities
  • Live Chat (video or audio) and instant messaging
  • vText online, interactive Student Edition
  • eBook downloadable Student Edition
  • iPad®-friendly*

* Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools that require Flash or Shockwave.

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