Dicho y hecho, 10th Edition

Beginning Spanish
Dicho y hecho is an introductory Spanish program fully informed by research in second language acquisition and teaching methodology. It focuses on structured input-processing and output-based activities and tasks for meaningful and authentic communication. Dicho y hecho is a truly communicative program with no drill activities, requiring students to negotiate meaning.


What sets this program apart?

Thematic units in each chapter present a selection of varied, practical, and high frequency vocabulary in visual and written contexts. Activities range from identification in the chapter-opening art scenes and other input-based exercises (e.g., categorizing, associations, etc.), to personal expression and situational conversations that require use of the new vocabulary, resulting in effective acquisition of new words.

In Dicho y hecho, students are encouraged to develop cultural awareness by discovering connections and making cross-cultural comparisons. Real-life stories personalize the intertwining of cultures and invite learners to reflect on their own cultural perspectives.

Digital at your fingertips

The Supersite is our easy-to-use digital platform, fully integrated with the student textbook and built exclusively to support language learning.

Students visit the Supersite to complete their homework, practice Spanish, and communicate with their class. Instructors rely on the Supersite for powerful course management, allowing you and your students to focus on language learning.

Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2015
Authors Kim Potowski, Silvia Sobral, Laila M. Dawson
Lessons 15