Enlaces, 2nd Edition

This 4th-semester intermediate text strengthens students' language skills and cultural competency in 6 lessons. With Enlaces you’ll find a grammar sequence where topics have been carefully selected, consolidated, and organized to eliminate review of introductory topics.

    Grammar review


Supplemental Resources
Additional resources enhance the presentation, practice, assessment, and accessibility of Enlaces content. Included are audio and video scripts, lab and testing audio, presentation slides, an activity pack, and much more—all hosted on the Supersite.
Grammar Review
The 4th-semester grammar scope and sequence of Enlaces guides students through the nuances of intermediate grammar topics, while providing limited review of introductory topics. Manual de gramática provides additional review.
Cultural Readings
Every lesson starts with a blog that gives students a contextualized reading experience. Dynamic readings draw your attention to culturally significant locations, traditions, and monuments of the country or region.
Magazine-like Design
Enlaces features a fresh, magazine-like design that engages students while integrating thematic, cultural, and grammatical concepts. Dramatic photos and thought-provoking questions appear throughout the text.
Integrated Short Films
Fully integrated with the text, Enlaces film collection features dramatic short films by Hispanic filmmakers. These films are the basis for the pre- and post-viewing activities in the Cortometraje section of each lesson.
En pantalla
Each lesson features an authentic TV clip from the country or region of focus. Images with captions give visual and linguistic cues to help prepare you to watch, and comprehension and expansion activities follow each clip.


What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.

Enlaces, 2nd Edition

Lección 1: Sentir y vivir
Lección 2: Vivir en la ciudad
Lección 3: Generaciones en movimiento
Lección 4: Perspectivas laborales
Lección 5: El valor de las ideas
Lección 6: Herencia y destino

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Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2018
Authors José A. Blanco; C. Cecilia Tocaimaza-Hatch
Lessons 6 lessons
Semesters 1
Pages 344