Make language and culture come alive.

With a focus on building proficiency, the Supersite provides students with a safe, engaging place to connect their own lives with the authentic, contemporary language and culture of the target language.

Communication tools

To become effective communicators, students need opportunities to interact with one another in the classroom and online. The Supersite provides a safe social space for developing their interpersonal and presentational communication skills.

  • Video Virtual Chat activities provide students with opportunities to develop their listening and speaking skills and to build confidence as they practice with recordings of native speakers.

  • Partner Chat activities allow students to carry out a conversation in pairs via video or audio. This synchronous chat tool provides for the elements of true interpersonal communication: conversational collaboration, spontaneity, creativity, and negotiation of meaning.

  • Forums are online discussion boards where students can post text or audio information and respond to their classmates’ posts. They are a great tool for providing your students with opportunities to engage asynchronously.

Interactive Grammar Tutorials

Research shows that a little humor engages students, stimulates the brain, and helps with memory retention. Interactive Grammar Tutorials entertain and inform students by pairing grammar rules with fun explanations and examples.

*Available for Spanish, French, and German programs.

Vocabulary tools

Students can take control of their language learning by working with personalized vocabulary lists for each lesson. Interactive flashcards featuring target language words with audio and the English translation are available for fast and effective review and practice.