Reimagine Spanish instruction with Portales
With the ever-changing needs of today’s students, educators need flexible, engaging, effective language instruction that meets the requirements of any course. Shape this innovative, 18-lesson curriculum to fit your instructional goals and teaching style—all while delivering an engaging, student-directed learning experience to each and every student.

• Advanced course setup
• Guided student learning
• Speech Recognition


Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition analyzes student utterances in real-time and objectively determines whether a student knows the word. It provides interactive feedback that helps student reflect on their language patterns and increases their awareness of pronunciation.
Grading tools
Convenient options for grading include spot-checking, student-by-student, and question-by-question approaches. Plus, in-line editing tools and voice comments provide additional opportunities for targeted feedback.
Virtual companion text for student reference, accessible from within Portales
Student Engagement
Students start with low-stakes exploration and learning, moving on to practice, communication, self-check, and assessment. Proven content helps students navigate the course with confidence, engaging and preparing them, one step at a time.
Partner Chat Activities
Partner chat activities allow students to carry out a conversation in pairs via video or audio. This synchronous chat tool provides for the elements of true interpersonal communication: conversational collaboration, spontaneity, creativity, and negotiation of meaning.
Video Virtual Chats
Video virtual chats provide students with opportunities to develop their listening and speaking skills and to build confidence as they practice with recordings of native speakers.


Portales has flexible options to suit your fully online, hybrid, or face-to-face Spanish courses.

What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.


  • Lección 1: Hola, ¿qué tal?
  • Lección 2: En la universidad
  • Lección 3: La familia
  • Lección 4: Los pasatiempos
  • Lección 5: Las vacaciones
  • Lección 6: ¡De compras!
  • Lección 7: La rutina diaria
  • Lección 8: La comida
  • Lección 9: Las fiestas
  • Lección 10: En el consultorio
  • Lección 11: La tecnología
  • Lección 12: La vivienda
  • Lección 13: La naturaleza
  • Lección 14: En la ciudad
  • Lección 15: El bienestar
  • Lección 16: El mundo del trabajo
  • Lección 17: Un festival de arte
  • Lección 18: Las actualidades

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For Students

With a focus on building proficiency, the Supersite provides students with a safe, engaging place to connect their own lives with the authentic, contemporary language and culture of the target language.

    • Speech Recognition
    • Interactive Grammar Tutorials
    • Chat activities
    • Vocabulary Tutorials
    • vText
For Instructors

With integrated content, comprehensive resources, and innovative tools, the Supersite provides everything you need to engage students and support language learning.

    • Customizable Course Settings
    • Gradebook
    • Time-saving tools
    • Instructor Resources
    • Online Assessment

Product Details

Product Details
Copyright Year 2016
Authors José Blanco
Lessons 18
Edition 1
Semesters 2-4