Journeys 启程 (Secondary)

An Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

Journeys invites the beginning-level student to explore the Chinese language and culture in an engaging, learner-friendly program. Journeys stresses linguistic accuracy by providing a solid grammar scope and sequence, plus accurate, clear, and jargon-free grammar explanations, as well as ample practice of new structures to provide students with a solid foundation.

What sets Journeys apart?

Journeys features a modern design with authentic content, engaging video, and powerful online tools.

  • Language in Action videos shot on location in Taiwan present language and culture as students follow the adventures of a group of friends in Taipei
  • Program design presents the vocabulary and grammar in smaller, more comprehensible chunks based on specific language tasks, designed to increase student retention
  • Authentic content and video in a variety of formats, including public interest service ads, news features, mini documentaries, and vlogs that engage and are accessible to students
  • Student learning support beyond the textbook—a Student Activities Manual with additional practice and a Character Writing Manual to practice handwriting
  • A preliminary unit introduces students to Chinese characters and to pinyin to help students decode new vocabulary

Digital at your fingertips

Experience the Journeys Supersite, an unparalleled digital learning environment with integrated content, resources, and tools built exclusively to support language learning.

  • Plenty of Practice: Program-specific, theme-based practice activities with auto-grading and immediate feedback
  • Engaging Media: Episodic, character-driven videos, authentic cultural videos, and synchronous video chat activities
  • Vocabulary Tools: Audio and interactive flashcards give students useful review and practice for learning vocabulary
  • Communication Tools: Partner Chat activities get students talking in a fun, interactive, low-stakes setting, and online forums encourage discussion as students post and respond to text or audio posts
  • Safe Environment: Clean interface, innovative tools, and seamless textbook-technology integration

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