Modern Standard Arabic Grammar

A Learner’s Guide

The Aim of this Book Enthusiasm and demand for Arabic language learning have risen dramatically since the mid-1990s. Yet the field of Arabic as a foreign language has not been keeping up with this demand, especially with respect to instructional materials and foreign language teacher-preparation programs. This book is an effort toward filling the gap in both areas. It is also a pedagogical guide to all the basic structures and grammar of the Arabic language needed in the first 4–5 years of learning the language, taking into consideration comprehensive coverage (while not being overly comprehensive), sequence of presentation (from the more basic and frequent to the less basic and frequent in the language), and communicative functional use (from the more essential for communication to the less essential), and presented holistically in terms of forms and functions (i.e., without being solely based on grammar items alone). Concomitantly, it is a resource book for the teacher to develop an awareness or a better conceptualization of the essentials of Arabic grammar and structures and how to present them to students of Arabic as a foreign language.

What sets this program apart?

The book aims to develop adequate exposure to Arabic grammar in current standard use from beginner to advanced proficiency levels, covering phonological, syntactic, and morphological rules. I focus on essential aspects of the grammar rules and provide straightforward explanations and multiple examples. The book is pedagogically oriented and uses symbols, tables, and diagrams to further encapsulate the rules and make them easy to understand and remember.


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    Mohammad T. Alhawary
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    22 chapters
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