Portales 1.0: Intermediate Spanish

intermediate Spanish

Portales 2 combines Vista Higher Learning’s proven Intermediate Spanish content, groundbreaking technology, and strong understanding of how today’s students learn. Whether you’re teaching a fully online, hybrid, or face-to-face Spanish course, Portales 2 is the right solution for effective and authentic language learning.

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What sets this program apart?

Portales 2 is unique in the organization and delivery of lesson content. Each color-coded strand features a learning progression that contextualizes the learning experience for students by breaking lesson content into comprehensible language chunks.

Portales 2 also incorporates Fotonovela videos, short films, literature selections, and cultural readings as springboards for discussion and writing, while providing frameworks to help students use language creatively.

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The Portales advantage

Portales 2 includes a variety of features that streamline faculty work and give students direction to independently explore, practice, and gain comfort learning and practicing Spanish so that they are prepared for in-class conversation.

With the help of engaging digital tools like speech recognition and enhanced diagnostic tools, students are provided with immediate, actionable feedback at every step of the learning process.

Product details

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    José A. Blanco
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For students

  • Student Edition textbook (loose-leaf)
  • Portales 2 access with eCompanion—the online, interactive student edition
  • Online student workbook

For instructors

  • Instructor's Manual
  • Instructor Supersite with testing program, assignment calendar, and additional instructor resources
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