Handbook of Contemporary Spanish Grammar, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Contemporary Spanish Grammar, 2nd Edition

A reference and practice book for students of Spanish | Ana Beatriz Chiquito

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31 chapters

Our Handbook of Contemporary Spanish Grammar combines thorough, accessible explanations on all major grammar topics, and provides an abundance of real-world examples and print and digital activities. The content and flexible organization enables its use as a standalone text for advanced Spanish courses, companion grammar reference for heritage speakers, or as a self-study tool for students. Features include:

  • A topical structure that is flexible and simple to navigate
  • Latest updates and revisions from the Nueva gramática by the Real Academia Española
  • Concise, comprehensive explanations with an emphasis on lexical and regional variations
  • A practical glossary of common word combinations
  • An array of activities for students to practice and apply each grammar point
  • Groundbreaking, text-specific technology—now on a new Supersite platform with powerful tools—copy all assignments from previous courses in minutes, set time limits and passwords for assessments, add customized content, and more
  • New animated grammar tutorials for review any time
  • vText—the interactive, online version of the textbook—that links directly with Supersite practice activities
  • iPad®-friendly* Supersite and vText for access on the go

What’s new in A Handbook of Contemporary Spanish Grammar, 2nd Edition?

  • Student Edition now available in loose-leaf or digital format (vText) for cost-saving alternatives
  • Even more practice activities—in the textbook and on the Supersite
  • Engaging, animated grammar tutorials as review for students
  • Simplified grammar explanations with more familiar language
  • Extra margin notes, including ones to assist English speakers
  • More cross-references to other sections and chapters
  • A new Supersite platform with powerful tools—copy all assignments from previous courses in minutes; add your own content; set assessment time limits and passwords; and more
  • iPad®-friendly* Supersite and vText for access on the go

Check out the simple chapter organization that offers easy navigation through grammar topics.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.

A Handbook of Contemporary Spanish Grammar

Chapter 1: The Spanish Language
Chapter 2: Nouns
Chapter 3: Adjectives
Chapter 4: Determiners
Chapter 5: The Article
Chapter 6: Quantifiers: Numbers
Chapter 7: Indefinite quantifiers and pronouns
Chapter 8: Demonstratives
Chapter 9: Possessives
Chapter 10: Adverbs
Chapter 11: Comparison
Chapter 12: Prepositions
Chapter 13: Personal pronouns
Chapter 14: Questions and question words
Chapter 15: Relative pronouns and adverbs
Chapter 16: Conjunctions
Chapter 17: The present indicative
Chapter 18: The preterite and imperfect
Chapter 19: The present perfect and the past perfect
Chapter 20: The future
Chapter 21: The conditional
Chapter 22: The subjunctive
Chapter 23: Use of the subjunctive
Chapter 24: The imperative
Chapter 25: Nonpersonal verb forms
Chapter 26: Verb phrases and modal verbs
Chapter 27: Reflexive pronouns and verbs
Chapter 28: Passive and impersonal constructions
Chapter 29: To be and to become
Chapter 30: Use of ser and estar
Chapter 31: Indirect discourse

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A Handbook of Spanish Grammar in the Journal of Spanish Language Teaching

“…clearly a valuable grammar reference book for any student…who wishes to access a source that provides an up-to-date, comprehensive and straightforward description of the grammatical features of the language, as well as traditional activities to practice the grammar, and the option to carry out online tasks with instant feedback.”

Journal of Spanish Language Teaching 1.1 (2014):
119-121 – Ronald P. Leow, Georgetown University

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