Cara y cruz

Grades 9-12

Secondary students explore the classics in a whole new way. Each title in Cara y Cruz offers students two books in one. Cara introduces students to the unabridged classic work, and Cruz supports comprehension through literary articles about the work and the author, an author biography, and a comprehensive timeline of the author’s life and work in a cultural and historical context. Lesson plans available.

Series Titles*

Cuento hispanoamericano siglo XIX
La vida es sueño
Lazarillo de Tormes
Grandes hazanas del Cid Campeador
Nuevo cuento latinoamericano
Tres novelas ejemplares
Mejores aventuras del Quijote
Antologia de poesia latinoamericana contemporanea
Bodas de sangre

*Substitutions to titles in Libraries will be made as needed.

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Product Details
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