Advanced Spanish through Literature and Film | James C. Courtad, Kathryn Evenly, Martín Gaspar

© 2012 paperback | 8 ½ x 10 ½ inches
6 lessons | 350 pages

Six theme-related lessons feature a full-length or short film and three to four reading passages—all chosen for their renowned achievement and relevance to students. Students are encouraged to critically think, explore literary and film techniques, and analyze and interpret selections all while refining upper-level communication skills. Features include:

  • A full color, richly illustrated design for maximum visual contextualization
  • Thematic, universally distinguished film and literature from across the Spanish-speaking world
  • A variety of literary genres that include short stories, poems, plays, and essays
  • Authors representative of the established literary canon
  • A wealth of pre-, while-, and post-activities to support each film and literary selection
  • Targeted, while-viewing suggestions that promote efficient viewing
  • Activities that help students identify and interpret literary and film techniques
  • A process oriented writing strand where students synthesize the lesson’s cultural information
  • Our signature Supersite—integrated text-technology that supports learning with practice activities, voiceboards for oral communication, a teacher gradebook, composition engine with in-line editing tools, and more

What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.


  1. Lección 1: Golpe al corazón
  2. Lección 2: El filo del poder
  3. Lección 3: El lado oscuro
  4. Lección 4: Lazos de sangre
  5. Lección 5: Una cuestión de género
  6. Lección 6: La moral a prueba

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  • For teachers
  • A gradebook to manage classes, view rosters, set assignments, and post announcements
  • Film synopses
  • Reading synopses
  • Voiceboards for oral communication and threaded discussions
  • Complete access to the Student Supersite

  • For students
  • Activities from the textbook—indicated by a mouse-icon—that can be completed and submitted online with auto-grading
  • Additional web-only practice activities with auto-grading and instant feedback
  • Short films in streaming video, with while-viewing activities
  • A composition engine with upload document feature
  • Mini Spanish Dictionary
  • Repaso Gramatical—grammar presentations of upper-level topics with online practice activities

 width=Supersite Plus includes the Intrigas Supersite with oral communication tools

  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Application sharing—perfect for online tutoring
  • Online whiteboard
  • Online office hours