AP® Spanish Language and Culture

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6 chapters

College Board-approved Sample Syllabus

Correlation to the AP® Spanish Language and Culture Exam Formats

Pacing Guide

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Built for the new course, units focus on themes and recommended contexts from the College Board’s AP® Spanish Language and Culture curriculum framework.

Contemporary print, short films, and audio material from the Spanish-speaking world provide an engaging, authentic environment for learning.

Integrated grammar and extensive cultural coverage support interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication skill development.

Program Features

  • Authentic Media: High-quality readings, short films, and audio broadcasts from informational, journalistic, and literary sources.
  • AP® Testing Formats: Practice in the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes, including the same formats as the new exam.
  • Essential Questions: Themes and contexts are organized around Essential Questions that drive student learning throughout all units.
  • Cultural Connections: Thematically-based readings specifically address the cultural component of the new exam.
  • Language Support: Grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation skills are reinforced in print and online.
  • Strategies: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking strategies help students tackle challenging material.
  • Online Communication Tools: The three modes of communication can be practiced in real time and assessed at your convenience.
  • eBook—a downloadable electronic text for offline reading on the iPad®
  • Plus, iPad®-friendly* Supersite and vText access
  • Live Chat to connect with students in real time, without leaving your browser:
    • Instant messaging
    • Audio chat
    • Video chat

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*Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools.

What can you expect in each Chapter? Check out all the chapter themes and contexts below.

Theme 1: Families and Communities

  1. Context 1: Customs and Values
  2. Context 2: Education Communities
  3. Context 3: Family Structure
  4. Context 4: Global Citizenship
  5. Context 5: Human Geography
  6. Context 6: Social Networking

Theme 2: Science and Technology

  1. Context 1: Access to Technology
  2. Context 2: Effects of Technology on Self and Society
  3. Context 3: Health Care and Medicine
  4. Context 4: Innovations
  5. Context 5: Natural Phenomena
  6. Context 6: Science and Ethics

Theme 3: Beauty and Aesthetics

  1. Context 1: Architecture
  2. Context 2: Defining Beauty
  3. Context 3: Defining Creativity
  4. Context 4: Fashion and Design
  5. Context 5: Language and Literature
  6. Context 6: Visual and Performing Arts

Theme 4: Personal and Public Identities

  1. Context 1: Alienation and Assimilation
  2. Context 2: Heroes and Historical Figures
  3. Context 3: National and Ethnic Identities
  4. Context 4: Personal Beliefs
  5. Context 5: Personal Interests
  6. Context 6: Self-Image

Theme 5: Global Challenges

  1. Context 1: Economic Issues
  2. Context 2: Environmental Issues
  3. Context 3: Philosophical Thought and Religion
  4. Context 4: Population and Demographics
  5. Context 5: Social Welfare
  6. Context 6: Social Conscience

Theme 6: Contemporary Life

  1. Context 1: Education and Careers
  2. Context 2: Entertainment
  3. Context 3: Travel and Leisure
  4. Context 4: Lifestyles
  5. Context 5: Relationships
  6. Context 6: Social Customs and Values
  7. Context 7: Volunteerism

For Students

Student Edition
Hardcover student textbook with re-enforced binding for use in class, for homework, or as a reference tool.

Student Edition in an online, interactive, iPad®-friendly* format. Convenient Supersite links make studying and homework a cinch.

Downloadable eBook
All the benefits of the online vText, plus the versatility of working offline. (Available for iPad®)

Student Supersite
Password-protected, program-specific website with textbook activities, online-only practice, audio, video, interactive grammar tutorials, reference tools, assessment, teacher-student communication, and more. The Supersite is iPad®-friendly* for on-the-go access.

For Teachers

Teacher’s Resource DVD Set
Includes the Cinemateca videos with teacher-controlled subtitles in English and Spanish; all textbook and testing program audio; textbook audio/video scripts and testing program audio scripts; answer key for discrete textbook activities; testing program answer key with scripts; editable testing program with two Contextos quizzes, one grammar quiz, a Léxico quiz, one Ortografiá y puntuación quiz, and a cumulative exam for each chapter; textbook scoring guidelines; teaching suggestions; verb conjugation tables; correlation to the Common Core Standards; AP® Exam Scoring Guidelines; and the Teacher’s Start-Up Guide. (Also available online)

Online Assessment
Formative and summative assessments via the Supersite: pre-made quizzes, tests, and exams; create your own assessments by uploading open-ended activities—all with time limits and password protection.

Teacher Supersite
The teacher-facing Supersite provides all the tools you need to teach your class. Password-protected and available online anytime, it includes: a gradebook to manage rosters, assignments, and grades; editable tests, quizzes, and exams; answer keys for all program materials; tools for online communication; all program video and audio; and much more.

*Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools.

Integrated content means a better student experience.

  • My Vocabulary for compiling, saving, and organizing words
  • Partner Chat tool for recording live student conversations and submitting to the gradebook
  • Record & Submit activities for practice and assessment of oral presentations
  • Write & Submit activities for practice and assessment of written presentations
  • Strategies break down content into manageable activities for reading and listening
  • Authentic short films with teacher-controlled subtitles and translations
  • Auto-graded practice activities
  • Grammar appendix in print and online
  • eBook—the offline, downloadable electronic text

Specialized resources ensure successful implementation.

  • Scoring Guidelines
  • Online assessments
  • MP3 audio files of the complete assessment program
  • Audio and video scripts with English translations
  • Textbook audio MP3s
  • Pacing Guides
  • Answer keys
  • Correlations
  • Complete access to the Student Supersite

Online tools facilitate effective instruction.

  • Course management system
  • Gradebook for assignments, with control of grading options
  • Auto-grading for close-ended activities
  • A feedback tool to help students pinpoint errors
  • In-line voice commenting and editing for quick, detailed feedback
  • Reporting tools for summarizing student data
  • Voiceboards for communication of announcements, threaded discussions, pronunciation examples, and explanations of complex material
  • Tool to load, share, and assign teacher-graded documents

vText interactive, online textbook

  • Links on the vText page to all mouse-icon textbook activities, audio, and video—a single platform for completing activities and accessing resources
  • The perfect tool for classroom presentations
  • Note-taking capabilities for students
  • Easy navigation with searchable table of contents and page-number browsing
  • Access to all Supersite resources
  • iPad®-friendly* for on-the-go access

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*Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools.