Revista, 5th Edition

Revista, 5th Edition

Conversación sin barreras | José A. Blanco

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6 lessons

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Get your advanced Spanish students talking with Revista. The program’s high-interest themes and innovative communications tools will enable your students to express themselves naturally and effortlessly in Spanish. Featuring award-winning films, engaging literature, and clever comics, Revista offers the authentic content to engage and motivate discussion. Plus, the fully-integrated Supersite with an interactive Student Edition (vText) provides all the content and tools today’s students need for success both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Award-winning and engaging short films by contemporary Hispanic filmmakers—complete with streaming video and optional captioning on the Supersite
  • Authentic readings, including essays, articles, fictional stories, opinion pieces, interviews, and poetry selections from around the Spanish-speaking world
  • Comic strips that offer clever, thought-provoking insights into the lesson theme
  • Viewing and reading support for each film and literary selection—including background information, author/director bios, key vocabulary, and practice activities
  • Online chat activities—virtual conversations and live video chats for communication practice outside of class
  • Succinct review of grammar points
  • Our innovative Supersite that provides online access to textbook video, audio, interactive activities, practice quizzes, study and reference tools, and effective online assessment and course management
  • Icons in the Teacher Edition indicates the alignment of an activity to ACTFL’s World Readiness Standards for Foreign Language Learning

Watch the program video tour.

What’s new in Revista, 5th Edition?

  • 4 new short films
  • 5 new literary readings, plus one new comic strip
  • Revised vocabulary focused on expanding students’ skills
  • Additional online activities for each literary reading
  • Supersite access now includes the complete vText—an online, interactive version of the Student Edition with direct links to practice activities, audio, and video
  • Addition of 30 Virtual Chat and Partner Chat activities on the Supersite—one for every short film, reading, and comic strip per lesson
  • audio-sync technology for the initial activity for each short film, literary reading, and comic strip
  • Multi-format Composición activities

What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.

Revista, 5th Edition

Lección 1:¿Realidad o fantasía?
Lección 2: Una cuestión de personalidad
Lección 3: La influencia de los medios
Lección 4: Las garras del poder
Lección 5: Misterios del amor
Lección 6: Modos de vivir

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