Portales 2

Portales 2

Reimagine Language Learning | José Blanco

© 2018 12 lessons | 2 semesters

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Portales 2 combines Vista Higher Learning’s trusted content with powerful and easy-to-use course management tools, so you can shape this innovative intermediate Spanish curriculum to fit your instructional goals and teaching style.

What sets Portales 2 apart?

  • Learning Tracks: Expertly-curated course templates allow you to automatically set all of the assignments for the entire semester, as well as create your gradebook—in minutes! Learning Tracks are available for the following courses: Fully Online, Hybrid/Blended, Face-to-Face, Heritage Speaker, Communicative, and Grammar Focus.
  • Learning Progression: A clear organizational structure contextualizes the learning experience for students by breaking lesson content into comprehensible language chunks.
  • Interactive Vocabulary Tutorials: A cyclical learning sequence—Listen & repeat, Match, and Say it—optimizes students’ comprehension and retention of new vocabulary.
  • Speech Recognition: Innovative technology identifies student utterances and objectively determines whether or not a student knows a word or phrase. Real-time feedback increases student awareness of pronunciation through low-stakes production practice.
  • New Animated Grammar Tutorials: Engaging interactive, animated tutorials entertain and inform by presenting each grammar point with la profesora, an amusing character who grabs students’ attention with her witty gags and lighthearted approach.
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Tools: Ongoing formative and summative assessments enable students to accurately gauge their performance every step of the way.
  • Plus… Partner and Video Virtual Chat activities, Authentic Films and Literature, and more!

What can you expect in each lesson? Download a Table of Contents and check out all the themes below.

Portales 2

Lección 1: Las relaciones personales
Lección 2: Las diversiones
Lección 3: La vida diaria
Lección 4: La salud y el bienestar
Lección 5: Los viajes
Lección 6: La naturaleza
Lección 7: La tecnología y la ciencia
Lección 8: La economía y el trabajo
Lección 9: La cultura popular y los medios de comunicación
Lección 10: La literatura y el arte
Lección 11 La política y la religión
Lección 12 La historia y la civilización