Langue et culture du monde francophone

© 2019


At Vista Higher Learning, we recognize that proficiency is best achieved through an articulated and extended sequence of study. D’accord! was designed with this in mind, resulting in a fully integrated and scaffolded French program with a variety of print offerings and superior technology. With powerful and easy-to-use course management tools, you can shape D’accord! to fit your instructional goals and teaching style—all while delivering an engaging, personalized learning experience to each and every student.

What sets D’accord! apart?

  • Grammar Tutorials
  • News and Cultural Updates
  • Multi-part Video Collection
  • Video Virtual Chat activities
  • Partner Chat activities

At Vista Higher Learning, we recognize that classrooms and districts across the country are implementing technology at varying rates. That's why we offer two levels of technology with D’accord!Prime or Supersite. The program's flexibility makes it a good fit for any curriculum or infrastructure—both today and for years to come.


What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

D'accord! ©2019, Level 1
Unité 1: Salut!
Unité 2: Au lycée
Unité 3: La famille et les copains
Unité 4: Au café
Unité 5: Les loisirs
Unité 6: Les fêtes
Unité 7: En vacances
Unité 8: Chez nous

D’accord! ©2019, Level 1A and 1B
Level 1A: Unité 1 - 4
Level 1B: Unité 5 – 8

D’accord! ©2019, Level 2
Unité préliminaire: Chez nous
Unité 1: La nourriture
Unité 2: La santé
Unité 3: La technologie
Unité 4: En ville
Unité 5: L’avenir et les métiers
Unité 6: L’espace vert
Unité 7: Les arts

D’accord! ©2019, Level 3
Leçon 1: Ressentir et vivre
Leçon 2: Habiter en ville
Leçon 3: L’influence des médias
Leçon 4: La valeur des idées
Leçon 5: La société en évolution
Leçon 6: Les générations qui bougent
Leçon 7: À la recherché du progrès
Leçon 8: S’évader et s’amuser
Leçon 9: Perspectives de travail
Leçon 10: Les richesses naturelles