Denk mal!, 2nd Edition

Denk mal!, 2nd Edition

Deutsch ohne Grenzen | Tobias Barske, Megan McKinstry, Karin Schestokat, Jane Sokolosky

© 2016 hardcover | online vText
10 chapters

Paperback format

Designed to strengthen students' language skills and develop cultural competency, Denk mal! provides advanced-level students with an active and rewarding learning experience. Its user-friendly design and short films by award-winning, German-speaking filmmakers serve as springboards for exploring the themes and concepts in each of its ten lessons.
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Sample Syllabus for AP German now available!

Features include:

  • Engaging short films by contemporary German and Swiss filmmakers
  • A fresh, magazine-like design
  • A focus on real communication in everyday contexts
  • Rich, contemporary culture
  • High-interest, comprehensible literary and cultural readings
  • Groundbreaking, text-specific technology—now on a new Supersite platform with powerful tools—copy all assignments from previous courses in minutes; set time limits and passwords for assessments; add your own content; and more
  • Online chat activities—virtual conversations and live video chats for communication practice outside of class
  • vText—the interactive, online version of the textbook—that links directly with Supersite practice activities, audio, and video
  • iPad®-friendly* Supersite and vText for access on the go

*Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools.

What’s new in Denk Mal!, 2nd Edition?

  • Student Edition now available in loose-leaf or digital format for cost-saving alternatives
  • 4 new authentic short-subject films and 4 new literary readings
  • 30 new Oral Testing Suggestions (3 per lesson)
  • Timesaver! All auto-gradable textbook activities now available online—including 30 new Strukturen activities (1 per grammar point)
  • Personalized study with a new vocabulary tool—students focus on the words they don’t know for efficient study and faster learning
  • A new composition tool: students create and submit compositions online; instructors make in-line comments and corrections via text or voice
  • Online chat activities—virtual conversations and live video chats for communication practice outside of class
  • A new Supersite platform with tools to create your own activities, even easier course management, and much more!
  • iPad®-friendly* Supersite and vText

*Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools.

What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.

Denk mal!, 2nd Edition

  1. Lektion 1: Fühlen und erleben
  2. Lektion 2: Zusammen leben
  3. Lektion 3: Medieneinflüsse
  4. Lektion 4: Wegfahren und Spaß haben
  5. Lektion 5: Kunstschätze
  6. Lektion 6: Traditionen und Spezialitäten
  7. Lektion 7: Wissenschaft und Technologie
  8. Lektion 8: Recht und Umwelt
  9. Lektion 9: Wirtschaft und Berufsaussichten
  10. Lektion 10: Geschichte und Gesellschaft

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  • For teachers
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  • vText online, interactive Student Edition
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  • Textbook activities—online
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  • Composition tool to create and submit writing assignments online
  • Personalized study with new vocabulary tool—students focus their study on the words they need to learn, for more efficient study and faster learning
  • Chatfor oral practice and conversation skills:
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  • An online Student Activities Manual, with auto-grading for close-ended activities
  • Live Chat (video or audio) and instant messaging
  • vText online, interactive Student Edition
  • iPad®-friendly*

*Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools.