Lengua y cultura del mundo hispánico

© 2017 hardcover | online vText | downloadable eBook
9 - 10 chapters each for Volumes 1, 2, and 3; 4 - 5 chapters each for Volumes 1A and 1B

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Descubre blends Vista Higher Learning's understanding of how language instruction works with a focused dedication to making Spanish language and culture accessible and relevant to all students.

Keep it real:  Engage students with life lived right now—connect their own experiences with authentic, contemporary Spanish-language culture.

Give students context:  Affirm your students' past experiences and personal motivations—make it about the topic they are most interested in: themselves.

Invite students to their future:  Give your students the tools and motivation to envision and express their future as fluent speakers of Spanish

Descubre requires students to bring their own experiences and voice into the learning:

  • Reflect on their own lives, experiences, and language in each context
  • Personalize the language and cultural contexts of their study
  • Apply language to their lives now and as they enter the adult world

Descubre integrates authentic, contemporary language and culture:

  • Authentic media (video, audio, print) within meaningful instructional design
  • Real-life application through personalization and creativity
  • Focus on the unity and diversity of the Spanish-speaking world

Text and Technology
Descubre provides digital learning tools developed specifically for world language instruction:

  • Password-protected websites for teachers and students
  • Student access to practice, auto-scored feedback, Partner Chat and Virtual Chat activities, tutorials, monthly Culture and Current Events activities, resources, and guidance
  • Teacher control of assigning, grading, evaluating, communicating, testing, and re-teaching
  • Within the classroom: integration of language skills and culture
  • Beyond the classroom: access to authentic materials, content, and connections via the vText

What’s new for Descubre ©2017?

  • Scaffolded Culture and Current Events activities featuring authentic selections posted monthly on the Supersite
  • All Student Editions now available in multiple formats—hardcover, online vText, and downloadable eBook
  • Teacher’s Edition (TE) available in print and online—now with articulation guides for using Descubre over multiple years
  • TELL connections integrated into TE both in print and online
  • "I Can" worksheets guide learning and train students to access their own progress
  • Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) with grading rubrics for all volumes
  • Audio scripts for Virtual Chats
  • My Vocabulary now includes Spanish definitions on the Descubre, Volume 3 Supersite
  • Updated Digital Image Bank now includes photos and illustrations that align with chapter vocabulary topics
  • New Cuaderno de actividades comunicativas, Cuaderno de práctica, and Cuaderno de práctica y actividades comunicativas Teacher Editions with overprinted answers
  • Updated photos, cultural references, and factual data throughout all print and digital materials
  • En pantalla sections in each chapter now include scaffolded activities for additional pedagogical support; in addition, three En pantalla videos have been replaced (Volume 1, Chapters 5 and 7; Volume 2, Chapter 2)
  • New Flash cultura video in Volume 1, Chapter 4
  • New cultural reading in Volume 3, Chapters 4 and 8
  • Volume 3, Chapter 3 literature selection changed from “Sueños digitales” (Pas Soldá) to “Dos plabras” (Allende)

What can you expect in each volume of Descubre ©2017?  Explore the program Scope & Sequence and the detailed Table of Contents.

Scope & Sequence for Descubre ©2017, Volumes 1, 1A, 1B, 2, and 3
Descubre ©2017, Volume 1
Descubre ©2017, Volume 1A
Descubre ©2017, Volume 1B
Descubre ©2017, Volume 2
Descubre ©2017, Volume 3

Descubre, Volume 1

Lección 1: Hola, ¿qué tal?
Lección 2: En la clase
Lección 3: La familia
Lección 4: Los pasatiempos
Lección 5: Las vacaciones
Lección 6: ¡De compras!
Lección 7: La rutina diaria
Lección 8: La comida
Lección 9: Las fiestas

Descubre, Volume 1A and 1B Split
Volume 1A: Leccións 1 - 4
Volume 1B: Leccións 5 - 9

Descubre, Volume 2
Lección preliminar
Lección 1: En el consultorio
Lección 2: La tecnología
Lección 3: La vivienda
Lección 4: La naturaleza
Lección 5: En la ciudad
Lección 6: El bienestar
Lección 7: El mundo del trabajo
Lección 8: Un festival de arte
Lección 9: Las actualidades

Descubre, Volume 3
Lección preliminar
Lección 1: Las relaciones personales
Lección 2: Las diversiones
Lección 3: La vida diaria
Lección 4: La salud y el bienestar
Lección 5: Los viajes
Lección 6: La naturaleza
Lección 7: La tecnología y la ciencia
Lección 8: La economia y el trabajo
Lección 9: La cultura popular y los medios de comunicación
Lección 10: La literatura y el arte

For Students

Student Edition
Hardcover student textbook with re-enforced binding for use in class, at home, or as a reference tool.

Student Edition in an online, interactive, iPad®-friendly* format. Point-of-use Supersite links make studying and homework a cinch.

Downloadable eBook
All the benefits of the online vText, plus the versatility of working offline.

Cuaderno de práctica y actividades comunicativas (for Volumes 1A and 1B)
All-in-one print workbook includes chapter vocabulary and grammar practice; audio activities; and pre-, during, and post-viewing activities for program video.

Cuaderno de práctica (for Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
Print workbook with extra chapter vocabulary and grammar practice, plus additional reading and writing activities.

Cuaderno de actividades comunicativas (for Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
Print workbook with audio and video activities for building listening comprehension, speaking, and pronunciation skills.

Interactive, online versions of workbook(s) with auto-grading and full integration with the Supersite gradebook.

Cuaderno para hispanohablantes
Three-volume print workbook for heritage speakers with reading and writing skill-building activities.

Student Supersite
Password-protected, program-specific website with textbook activities, online-only practice, audio, video, interactive grammar tutorials, reference tools, assessment, teacher-student communication, and more. The Supersite is iPad®-friendly* for on-the-go access.

Descubre Enrichment Library
A collection of trade books to expose students to different reading proficiency levels with rich and authentic content thematically related to the basal program.

For Teachers

Teacher’s Edition
Full reproduction of the student textbook with point-of-use instructional support, including: scope and sequence, suggestions for differentiated instruction, 21st century skills and pre-AP strategies, standards alignment, and more. (Also available online)

Teacher’s DVD Set
Includes the Fotonovela episodes, Flash cultura clips, Panorama cultural video, and short films—with teacher-controlled subtitles in English and Spanish. (All video also available online)

Testing Program Book
Bound paperback with perforated pages includes: quizzes for each Contextos section and Estructura grammar point, six tests for each lesson, two versions of a cumulative exam, IPAs and rubrics, oral testing suggestions, optional testing sections, scripts for listening activities, and answer keys.. (Also available online and on the Teacher’s DVD Set)

Audio Programs
Downloadable MP3 files on the Supersite of all audio recordings to be used in conjunction with the workbook(s), the Student Edition, and the Testing Program. (Also available on the Teacher’s DVD Set)

Cuaderno de práctica y actividades comunicativas Teacher Edition (for Volumes 1A and 1B)
Overprinted answers to all workbook activities (available in print, online, and on the Teacher’s DVD Set)

Cuaderno de práctica Teacher Edition (for Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
Overprinted answers to all workbook activities (available in print, online, and on the Teacher’s DVD Set)

Cuaderno de actividades comunicativas Teacher Edition (for Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
Overprinted answers to all workbook activities (available in print, online, and on the Teacher’s DVD Set)
Online Assessment
Formative and summative assessments via the Supersite: pre-made quizzes, tests, and exams; create your own assessments by uploading open-ended activities—all with time limits and password protection.

Activity Pack (for Volumes 1 and 2)
Loose-leaf worksheet bundle includes supplementary vocabulary and grammar activities for each lesson of the Student Edition. (Also available online and on the Teacher’s DVD Set)

Middle School Activity Pack (for Volumes 1A, 1B, and 1)
Online-only, print-ready collection includes supplementary vocabulary and grammar activities for beginning-level students.

Teacher Supersite
All the tools you need to teach your class. Password-protected and available online anytime, it includes: a gradebook to manage rosters, assignments, and grades; editable tests, quizzes, and exams; answer keys for all program materials; tools for online communication; all program video and audio; editable Student Objective worksheets; Integrated Performance Assessments with tasks and grading rubrics; and much more.

*Students must use a computer for audio recording.

Every Descubre lesson is enhanced by a range of activities, audio, media—from a dramatic series to authentic commercials, news stories, and short films—and resources that reinforce learning and make Spanish come to life. See how our integrated text and technology support students at every step!

Download a sample of Volume 1, Chapter 4

Download a sample of  Volume 2, Chapter 2

Download a sample of  Volume 3, Chapter 5


In Volumes 1, 1A, 1B, and 2, dramatic video episodes follow four students on their adventure through Mexico City. Characters' dialogue brings lesson vocabulary and grammar to life, while flashbacks give glimpses of everyday life in their home countries. The Volume 3, Fotonovela is a series of sitcom episodes surrounding the adventures of employees of a fictional lifestyle magazine. The characters' real-world language reflects the vocabulary and grammar of the matching lesson.
Learn more about Fotonovela.

Flash cultura

Like watching the news delivered by young citizen journalists in their own countries, these videos are all about the local culture. Vocabulary and grammar from the text is incorporated, while still providing a controlled amount of unknown language.
Learn more.

Animated Tutorials

Grammar has never been more exciting with the favorite Professor Pedro Gómez Laserna pairing rules with fun examples in these entertaining lessons.
Learn more.

There’s more to Descubre than meets the page.

With the adoption of Descubre, you and your students get a fully-integrated suite of text-technology content, resources, and tools. Built specifically for world language instruction, the password-protected Supersite offers:

Powerful tools for customized course management, along with integrated content that improves learning and saves you time. .

Focused uniquely on world language, with robust features that speak to your needs. How do we know? Feedback from our 20,000 language instructors and 1 million language students.

Simplified experience for intuitive navigation and flexible options to quickly sort a wealth of information.

Learn more.

For teachers

Enhanced online tools facilitate instruction and save you time.

  • A gradebook to manage rosters, assignments, and grades
  • Time-saving auto-graded activities, plus question-by-question and automated spot-checking
  • A communication center for announcements and notifications
  • The complete Teacher's Edition online
  • Downloadable digital image bank (PDF), pre-made syllabi and lesson plans (RTF), Testing Program (RTF)
  • Instructor Resources (answer keys, audio-video scripts, translations, grammar PowerPoints)
  • Online administration of quizzes and exams, now with time limits and password protection
  • Tools to add your own content:
    • Create and assign Partner Chat and open-ended activities
    • Upload and assign videos and outside resources
    • Single sign-on feature for integration with your LMS
    • Ability to copy all assignments from a previous course
  • Option to hide activity time estimates from students
  • Ability to reorder assignments as seen on student dashboard
  • Add your own customized notes to the existing activity content:
    • Sidebar notes—comment on overall activity
    • In-line notes—comment on a particular question or part of activity
  • Activity Pack (PDF) with additional activities for every lesson
  • Textbook, Lab, and Testing Audio Program MP3 files
  • Live Chat for video chat, audio chat, and instant messaging
  • Forums for oral assignments, group discussions, and projects
  • Reporting tools for summarizing student data
  • vText—the online, interactive text

For students

Interactive tools keep students immersed in learning.

  • Textbook activities--online
  • Online-only activities for extra practice
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Enhanced feedback to guide students and improve comprehension and grades
  • New Culture and Current Events activities based on authentic sources posted monthly
  • Interactive grammar tutorials
  • Composition tool to create and submit writing assignments online
  • My Vocabulary tool to create personalized word lists and flashcards
  • Chat for oral practice and conversation skills:
    • Virtual Chat—simulated conversation activities
    • Video Partner Chat—recorded student pair communicative activities
  • Audio-synced readings
  • All video programs, with instructor-controlled subtitles and translations
  • Audio program (textbook, lab)
  • Online dictionary and reference materials
  • An online Student Activities Manual, with auto-grading for closed-ended activities
  • Live Chat (video or audio) and instant messaging
  • vText online, interactive Student Edition
  • eBook—the offline, downloadable electronic text
  • vText—the online, interactive text
  • iPad®-friendly*

*Students must use a computer for audio recording and select presentations and tools.