Encuentros 2022

Available for Fall 2021 classes

Where communication and culture meet

Encuentros builds intercultural communicative proficiency through a fully integrated storyline, highly motivating communicative, skill-oriented instruction and practice, and robust print and digital components. Student create a solid linguistic and cultural foundation, preparing them for college and career-level Spanish.


News and Cultural Updates
Access monthly links to carefully curated, authentic resources from across the Spanish-speaking world. Enhance your classroom with authentic, culturally relevant sources and scaffolded activities for each selection.
Instructional approach

Encuentros takes students on an inductive language journey, breaking down each unit into four task-based mini lessons— Desafíos—focusing on a particular communicative skill related to the unit theme.

Graphic novel series
Modern, live-action, episodic video are designed to resemble a graphic novel. Students join the video characters as they take a cultural journey across the Spanish-speaking world.
Intercultural skill building
Strong emphasis on intercultural communicative skills and functions through clear labeling of the pedagogical “good stuff”, such as Essential Questions, AP® Themes, Can-Dos, ACTFL standards, and modes of communication.
Un chin de video
These YouTube-style videos feature two Dominican teenagers who show students un chin de (or, a little bit of) their lives in Santo Domingo. The videos are fun and colorful way for students to experience the target vocabulary for the whole unit in use in a cultural context without even realizing it.
Wealth of support

Encuentros offers a full array of print and digital materials, tools, and resources for students and teachers, including practice workbooks, thematic readers, annotated teacher editions, animated grammar and vocabulary tutorials, partner and virtual chat activities, and much more.

Encuentros Supersites

For Students

The Supersite is our easy-to-use, integrated platform specially built to support language learning. Students use the Supersite to access a digital version of their textbook, to complete practice activities, watch videos, listen to audio, take assessments, access a range of resource tools, and more.

  • Instructional, cultural, & authentic videos
  • Live communication practice
  • Interactive online Student Edition (vText)
  • Scaffolded activities with auto-grading
  • News and Cultural Updates
  • Audio-sync readings
For Teachers

With integrated content, comprehensive resources, and innovative tools, the Supersite provides everything you need to engage students and support language learning.

  • Grading tools & gradebook
  • Online assessment & testing
  • Advanced feedback on student work
  • Ability to customize of assessments & activities
  • Supplemental teaching resources

Product Details

Product Details
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