Entre letras

Grades 1-5

Entre letras supplemental reading program supports balanced literacy. It engages students with short readings from all over the world, presents a range of text types, provides reading strategies that support reading comprehension, and includes writing workshops.

  • Fun Activities
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing lessons
  • Password-protected website


May be used as a supplement with ANY Spanish program
Diverse activities and games help students absorb knowledge in an enjoyable way
Reading Comprehension
Workshops encourage students to dig deeper into the text, search and find supporting evidence, and connect readings to their daily lives
Writing Lessons
Guide students through the writing process: plan, draft/outline, write, revise/edit, and publish

Entre letras Media Editions

For Students

Easy-to-use, integrated platform specially built to support language learning. Students use the Media Edition sites to access the digital version of their book and to listen to audio.

  • Online Student Edition
  • Engaging & original media
  • Cultural content
For Teachers

The teacher version of the Entre palabras websites includes password-protected resources needed to engage students and support language learning.

  • Workbooks with overset answers
  • Access to the online Student Edition
  • Acess to all program audio

Product Details

Product Details
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