Espaces, 4th Edition

Espaces, 4th Edition

Rendez-vous avec le monde francophone | James Mitchell; Cheryl Tano

© 2019

Espaces allows students to learn French and explore the cultures of the French-speaking world. Each unit treats vocabulary and grammar as tools for effective communication, and emphasizes cultural understanding as an important aspect of language learning and successful communication. Features include:

  • Seamless integration of culture with an exclusive video series, as well as authentic TV commercials, short films, and literary selections
  • A focus on communication, with guided vocabulary and grammar exercises, fosters student success while systematically developing reading, writing, and listening skills
  • A rich, contemporary presentation of the everyday life of French speakers and the diverse cultures of the francophone world
  • A visually compelling, easy-to-navigate design with graphic elements specially chosen to help students learn
  • Groundbreaking, text-specific technology specially designed to expand students’ learning and instructors’ teaching options, including:
    • Interactive, animated grammar tutorials with questions to check understanding
    • Partner Chat and Virtual Chat activities for conversation practice outside of class
    • Live Chat tools—video chat, audio chat, and instant messaging to connect with students without leaving your browser
    • vText—an interactive, online textbook that links directly with Supersite practice activities, audio, and video—perfect for hybrid courses

What’s new in Espaces, 4th Edition?

  • New Musique à fond feature highlights francophone musicians
  • New Flash culture feature complements existing Flash culture video segments
  • Panorama section redistributed to highlight francophone countries and regions
  • End-of unit vocabulary page redesigned to reflect A/B lesson vocabulary
  • 4 new authentic Le Zapping television clips from around the francophone world
  • One new short film: Qui de nous deux, directed by Benjamin Bouhana
  • 2 new Lecture readings (with audio-sync technology on the Supersite)
  • Vocabulary Tools: ability for students to personalize vocabulary study
    • Searchable and customizable word lists with multiple practice modes
    • Flashcards with options for English translations and audio
  • Oral Testing Suggestions offered as Partner and Virtual Chats
  • Options to adapt pre-made online assessments
    • Create new sections
    • Reorder and delete sections and questions
    • Add images, word banks, and text references
  • Digital Image Bank, now with a thematically organized Illustration Bank for use in creating activities and assessments
  • Enhanced True/False activities enabling students to provide an answer for false questions

What can you expect in each unit? Check out all the themes below.

Espaces, 4th Edition

Unité 1 Salut!
Unité 2 À la fac
Unité 3 La famille et les copains
Unité 4 Au café
Unité 5 Les loisirs
Unité 6 Les fêtes
Unité 7 En vacances
Unité 8 Chez nous
Unité 9 La nourriture
Unité 10 La santé
Unité 11 La technologie
Unité 12 En ville
Unité 13 L'avenir et les métiers
Unité 14 L'espace vert
Unité 15 Les arts

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*Students must use a computer for audio recording. 

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