Get Ready!

Get Ready! is the newest, most comprehensive standards-based program developed specifically to address the unique needs of middle and high school Newcomer English Language Learners. This multi-level program engages students with age-appropriate, motivating communicative presentations and as well as literary and informal lessons in science, social studies, math, music, and the arts. Available for the following levels of Newcomer classes: Grades 6-8, 10 Units Grades 9-12, 10 Units


Standards-based approach
A rich, comprehensive curriculum that adheres to CCSS, NGSS, NCSS, WIDA, CA ELD, TX ELPS,CEFR, and IB standards.
Focused specialization
Conceived and written exclusively for English learners (ELs) who are identified as: Newcomers, Entering or Emerging level (based on DPS identification via WIDA proficiency levels).
Engaging multimedia
Wealth of multimedia, including dramatic presentational video, recordings of literature, authentic video, interactive grammar tutorials, short films, asynchronous Virtual Chat activities, and much more.
Leveled readers

Get Reading! Leveled Reading Library for use with Get Ready! or with any ELL program: total of 120 readers—one language arts, one science, one social studies, and one math reader per unit—at three levels of proficiency each (Newcomer/Beginning, Intermediate, and High Intermediate)


The only online learning environment created specifically for language acquisition and focused on preparing students to participate in class and to transition to the next proficiency level.

Product Details

Product Details
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