Vista Higher Learning provides two options that allow schools to automate the rostering of users and courses: Clever and VHL’s own Roster Assistant. Both options enable school districts using a Student Information System (SIS) to exchange teacher, student, and course data automatically and securely with Vista Higher Learning.

Roster Assistant

Roster Assistant uses OneRoster files—the common standard for SIS and Learning Management System (LMS) providers. Roster Assistant is available for 150+ enrollments.

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Examples of Platforms of current Users that support OneRoster:
Canvas logoSchoology logoGradelink LogoDesire2Learn logoAlma logoClassLink logoPowerschool logoAdministrator's Plus logoSkyward logoFACTS logoBlackboard logoInfinite Campus logoQuickSchools logo
Roster Assistant supports SSO:
SAML logoGsuite logo


For Clever-enabled districts, Vista Higher Learning (VHL) can provide rostering and single sign-on (SSO) integrations for our digital products. As part of this partnership, we are able to bring all your applications into one secure portal and provide SSO for everyone in the district.

Learn more about Vista Higher Learning and Clever’s partnership by contacting your rep or read the overview here.

Single Sign-on Solutions

Additionally, VHL supports single-sign-on (SSO) so that users can access vhlcentral directly from their school SIS dashboard. Rostering with SSO integrations provide an efficient way to manage data and accounts between a school (or District) and VHL. Roster Assistant uses OneRoster files—the common standard for SIS and Learning Management System (LMS) providers.

Vista Higher Learning has the following SSO Solutions:

LMS Integrations

Select Vista Higher Learning programs are now available as IMS Common Cartridge®, enabling you and your students to use our specialized language content within the listed IMS certified learning management system (LMS).* Certified products and platforms can be verified at IMS Global Consortium

We support LMS integrations for:

Canvas logoSchoology logoGradelink LogoDesire2Learn logoPowerschool logoMoodle logoBlackboard logo

Tech Support for students and Teachers:

Dedicated Support Center for any tech support issues.

*Availability varies by program.

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