Mosaik ©2018

Mosaik ©2018

German Language and Culture

© 2018 hardcover | online vText | downloadable eBook
4 - 5 chapters each

Mosaik blends Vista Higher Learning's understanding of how language instruction works with a focused dedication on making German language and culture accessible and relevant for all students.
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Keep it real: Engage students with life lived right now—connect their own experiences with authentic, contemporary German-language culture.

Give students context: Affirm your students' past experiences and personal motivations—make it about the topic they are most interested in: themselves.

Invite students to their future: Give your students the tools and motivation to envision and express their future as fluent speakers of German.

Context: Human communication happens in context.
Mosaik requires each student to bring their own experiences and voice into the learning experience to:

  • Reflect on their own lives, experiences, and language in each context
  • Personalize the language and cultural contexts of their study
  • Apply language to their lives now and as they enter the adult world

Authenticity: Effective language learning depends on authenticity.
Mosaik integrates contemporary language, and culture:

  • Authentic media (video, audio, print) within meaningful instructional design
  • Real-life application through personalization and creativity
  • Focus on the unity and diversity of the German-speaking world

Text and Technology: Students learn using many different tools.
Mosaik provides digital learning tools developed specifically for world language instruction:

  • Password-protected websites for teachers and students
  • Student access to practice, auto-scored feedback, Partner Chat and Virtual Chat activities, resources, and guidance
  • Teacher control of assigning, grading, evaluating, communicating, testing, and re-teaching
  • Within the classroom: integration of language skills and culture
  • Beyond the classroom: access to authentic materials, content, and connections

What's new for Mosaik ©2018

  • Improved activity scaffolding and more recycling of lesson-specific vocabulary
  • Adjustment to the grammar sequence
  • New downloadable eBooks for all levels
  • Teacher’s Edition available in print and online
  • Expanded Teacher’s Edition front matter now includes an Index to AP® Themes & Contexts
  • Improved labeling in the Teacher’s Edition, featuring:
    • New icons indicate activities tied to the three modes of communication (interpretive, presentational, and interpersonal)
    • Clear labeling of activities as they relate to the AP® Themes & Contexts
  • Teacher DVD Set includes the Fotoroman videos and all Teacher Resources
  • Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) with grading rubrics
  • Audioscripts for all Virtual Chat activities
  • Illustrations aligned with chapter vocabulary topics now included in the Digital Image Bank

What can you expect in each Chapter? Check out the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.
Mosaik 1
Mosaik 2
Mosaik 3

Mosaik 1
Kapitel 1: Hallo! Wie geht's?
Kapitel 2: Schule und Studium
Kapitel 3: Familie und Freunde
Kapitel 4: Essen

Mosaik 2
Ãœberlick of Mosaik 1
Kapitel 1: Feiern
Kapitel 2: Trautes Heim
Kapitel 3: Urlaub und Ferien
Kapitel 4: Verkehrsmittel und Technologie

Mosaik 3
Ãœberlick of Mosaik 2
Kapitel 1: Gesundheit
Kapitel 2: Stadtleben
Kapitel 3: Beruf und Karriere
Kapitel 4: Natur

For Students

Student Edition
Hardcover student textbook with reinforced binding for use in class, for homework, or as a reference tool.

Student Edition in an online, interactive, iPad®-friendly* format. Convenient Supersite links make studying and homework a cinch.

Downloadable eBook
Access the Student Edition offline with the Downloadable eBook—available for most desktop, laptop, or smartphone devices.

Student Activities Manual (for Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
Print workbook with audio and video activities for building listening comprehension, speaking, and pronunciation skills.

Interactive, online version of Student Activities Manual with auto-grading and full integration with the Supersite gradebook.

Student Supersite
Safe, password-protected website with textbook activities, online-only practice, audio, video, reference tools, assessment, teacher-student communication tools, and more. The Supersite is iPad®-friendly* for on-the-go access.

For Instructors

Teacher’s Edition
Annotated version of the student textbook including on-page instructional support and suggestions for differentiated instruction. Available in print and online in the Resources area of the Teacher Supersite.

Teacher’s DVD Set
Includes the Fotoroman episodes and all Teacher Resources (also available online).

Audio Programs
Downloadable MP3 files on the Supersite of all audio recordings to be used in conjunction with the Student Activities Manual, the Student Edition, and the Testing Program. (Also available on the Teacher’s DVD Set).

Online Assessment
Formative and summative assessments via the Supersite: pre-made quizzes, tests, and exams; create your own assessments by uploading open-ended activities—all with time limits and password protection.

Teacher Supersite
All the tools you need to teach your class. Password-protected and available online anytime. It includes: a gradebook to manage rosters, assignments, and grades; editable tests, quizzes, and exams; answer keys for all program materials; tools for online communication; all program video and audio; editable “I Can” worksheets; Integrated Performance Assessments with tasks and grading rubrics; Essential Questions for each chapter, and much more.

*Students must use a computer for audio recording.

Learning is just a click away.

Discover the Supersite—the only online learning environment created specifically for world language acquisition. Developed based on input from thousands of language teachers and students, the Supersite makes teaching easier for you and language learning more successful for your students.

For Teachers

Time-Saving Tools
No need to spend your time hunting down authentic materials…finding the perfect video…crafting scaffolded activities…creating assessments…grading homework. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. The Supersite provides everything you need to plan, prepare, teach, and assess.

Powerful Course Management
Choose what you use and how you use it. Monitor student progress. Communicate securely with individual students or the entire class. Track and report on student effort and outcomes. Modify existing content or post your own.

Enhanced Support
Get all the guidance you need to use the Supersite to its fullest potential—from face-to-face presentation and twice-weekly webinars by fellow teachers, to pre-recorded videos on a variety of topics.

For Students

Plenty of Practice
Learning a new language takes practice. With the Supersite, students have hundreds of program-specific, thematically-based, and carefully-scaffolded practice activities right at their fingertips.

Safe Environment
Language learning can be intimidating—the Supersite is a safe environment for them to practice being wrong, on their path to being right.

Engaging Media
Episodic storyline videos, authentic short films, synchronous video chat activities, audio-sync readings, and an interactive vocabulary tool...the Supersite has is all.