Promenades, 3rd Edition

Promenades, 3rd Edition

À travers le monde francophone | James G. Mitchell, Cheryl Tano

© 2018 hardcover | online vText
13 Units

Explore the Francophone world with your introductory French students. In 13 units, students get a comprehensive program to build strong language skills. Promenades immerses students in French and Francophone culture while taking them through integrated skill-building lessons that lead them to speak, write, read, and listen in French with confidence. A powerful, fully-integrated Supersite provides comprehensive activities and resources designed for student success.

  • Distinctive integration of video—from a specially shot dramatic series to cultural videos to authentic TV clips
  • Contextualized vocabulary presentations and clear grammar explanations
  • Engaging and entertaining animated grammar tutorials with interactive questions and activities
  • An emphasis on communicative interactions and activities
  • A unique, easy-to-navigate design with textbook pages that are visually engaging, and an array of photos, drawings, etc., designed for instructional impact and visual appeal
  • Systematic development of reading and writing skills, incorporating learning strategies, and a process approach
  • Our innovative Supersite that provides online access to textbook video, audio, interactive activities, practice quizzes, study and reference tools, and effective online assessment and course management
  • vText—an interactive, online textbook that links directly with Supersite practice activities, audio, and video
  • Online chat activities—virtual conversations and live video chats for communication practice outside of class

What’s new in Promenades, 3rd Edition

  • Vocabulary Tools: ability for students to personalize vocabulary study
    • Searchable and customizable word lists with multiple practice modes
    • Flashcards with options for English translations and audio
  • Oral Testing Suggestions offered as Partner and Virtual Chats
  • 7 new authentic Zapping Television clips from around the Francophone world
  • One new short film: Qui de nous deux, directed by Benjamin Bouhana
  • New Lecture readings
  • Audio-sync technology for all Lecture readings
  • Task-based activities for class use or Integrated Performance Assessments
  • Updated iconography to improve integration with online activities

What can you expect in each lesson? Check out all the themes below.

For more details, download a Table of Contents.

Promenades, 3rd Edition

Unité 1: Salut!
Unité 2: À la fac
Unité 3: La famille et les copains
Unité 4: Au café
Unité 5: Les loisirs
Unité 6: Les fêtes
Unité 7: En vacances
Unité 8: Chez nous
Unité 9: La nourriture
Unité 10: La santé
Unité 11: La technologie
Unité 12: En ville
Unité 13: L'espace vert

For Students

Student Edition with Supersite Plus (vText) and WebSAM
Student Edition with Supersite Plus(vText)
Student Activities Manual (print or online WebSAM)

For Teachers

Annotated Edition
Supersite (Full Access)

Includes online course management, assessment, instructor resources, and online communication tools; free to adopting instructors.

A powerful tool for language instruction

With integrated content, comprehensive resources, and innovative tools, the Supersite provides everything you need to engage students and support language learning.

  • Customize your course settings, create your own grading categories, and copy courses quickly and easily.
  • Make the course your own by creating and assigning your own activities and adding customized notes.
  • Empower students by allowing them to easily track due dates, save work, access assignments, and get the additional practice they need to be successful.
  • Make grading a breeze with question-by-question grading, automated spot-checking, and in-line voice commenting.
  • Conveniently share information one-on-one, or issue class reports in the formats that best meet the needs of you and your department.

For teachers

  • NEW! Options to adapt pre-made online assessments
    • Create new sections
    • Reorder and delete sections and questions
    • Add images, word banks, and text references
  • A gradebook for rosters, assignments, and grades
  • Timesaving auto-graded activities, question-by-question grading, and automated spot-checking
  • Tools to personalize your course
    • Create Partner Chat and open-ended activities
    • Add your own notes to existing content
    • Adapt pre-made assessments
    • Add video and outside resources
  • An assignment wizard—copy all assignments from a previous course into the new semester’s dates in minutes
  • Time limits and password protection for all online assessments
  • Composition-grading tool for in-line comments and corrections via text or voice
  • Downloadable digital image and illustration banks, sample syllabus, sample lesson plan, and Testing Program
  • Instructor Resources (answer keys, audio-video programs, scripts, grammar presentations)
  • Downloadable Activity Pack with task-based assessments
  • A communication center for announcements, notifications, and help requests
  • Live Chat (video or audio) and instant messaging
  • Forums for oral assignments, group discussions, and projects
  • Single sign-on for LMS integration

For students

  • Textbook activities online
  • Additional activities for extra practice
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Enhanced feedback to guide students and improve comprehension and grades
  • Animated grammar tutorials
  • Composition tool to create and submit writing assignments online
  • Vocabulary tools to create personalized study lists
  • Chat for oral practice and conversation skills:
    • Virtual Chat—simulated conversation activities
    • Video Partner Chat—recorded student-pair communicative activities
  • Audio-synced readings
  • All video programs, with instructor-controlled subtitles and translations
  • Audio program (textbook, lab)
  • Online dictionary
  • Online Student Activities Manual, with auto-grading for close-ended activities
  • Live Chat (video or audio) and instant messaging
  • Interactive, online Student Edition (vText) with links to program activities, audio, and video
  • iPad®-friendly*

Online Workbook/Lab Manual/Video Manual

  • All Workbook, Lab Manual, and Video Manual activities in an online format
  • A combination of auto-graded and instructor-graded activities
  • Oral voice record-submit activities
  • The complete Lab Manual audio program
  • A single gradebook to manage Supersite and WebSAM courses, rosters, and assignments

*Students must use a computer for audio recording.